INTERVIEW: All In Moment

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Luke: Great!

Dan:  I’ve been pretty lit how about yourself?

Chris: Busy, busy, busy, but in a good way.

Dave: Great!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Not That Far Away”?

Luke: I think it’s one of the best songs on the record but I don’t have as much connection to it as the rest of the guys because I wasn’t around when it was written.

Dan:  It was our first original song together as a band, and my first song writing process ever. It definitely opened up my eyes more on how songs get created.

Chris: It was the first song we made as a band. It made us believe we can make more music in the future.

Dave: This was actually the first song we wrote together that started it all. It combines all of our favorite styles and influences at a very raw state in our writing ability as a band and we are very proud of how it turned out, so much so we decided to write a full record and chase our dreams because of it.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Dan: The writing process on this first song was mostly Dave, he pretty much just told us what he thinks we should play for different parts and then we just put our different styles into it.

Chris: I wouldn’t say it was one particular event, but rather the idea of making it big as a band. In that moment when we were making the song, remember, we didn’t have anything else on our record to show we are a real band. So we were just like, damn it let’s just dive in and do this the best we can.

Dave: I had the chord progression for the chorus for a while, but one day the vocals just hit me and it’s what we based the rest of the song from.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Luke: We have plans to make a video but I don’t think it would be for “Not That Far Away”.

Dan:  I’m not sure about this song any time soon, we have other songs we want to make music videos for first.

Chris: We’ve talked about it. Nothing has been developed yet, but I always had an idea of incorporating waves and the ocean with it.

Dave: It is definitely something we would like to do as long as it makes sense for where we are at together as a band.

The single comes off your new self-titled album – what’s the story behind the title?

Luke: We felt that making our debut the self titled was the right move because it gets the message across perfectly with the artwork and since it’s our first set of songs  ever it felt right in general.

Dan:  It’s the moral of the story; we’re not that far away!

Chris: Sometimes in life you have to put everything on the line in order to move forward. Because our songs normally have some sort of motivational message, we needed a title for the album with a motivational message, right? Well, the All-In Moment is the very moment you put all your chips on the line in poker, and in life.

Dave: We thought that our first record should really showcase who we are and what we’re all about, so it just felt right to self title the record.

How was the recording and writing process?

Luke: Writing Oblivion was the most fun because we were out on a retreat in an airbnb with all our gear in a quiet neighborhood, I’m surprised we didn’t get noise complaints because we literally spent the entire day just writing, experimenting for hours on end. Recording  went relatively smooth for “Haunt Me” and “Oblivion”, I also wrote the bass lines in “For You”. Chris, Dave, and Dan will probably tell you all the crazy stuff that happened before my time.

Dan: The first and second times are, but it was really frustrating. The third recording sesh we did was really fun. The more experience we have with all these things that are still new to us, the more fun we have with it.

Chris: We recorded at Exeter Recording Studios in New Jersey with Joe. Great guy! Writing was a collaboration process that started with Dave, Dan, and Luke coming up with some music we all liked, and then I added some lyrics and melodies to it that I felt sounded natural. And then we proceeded to edit the song here and there until we had a decent product we liked.

Dave: Writing is always fun, mostly because we usually jam on it together when coming up with stuff.  Since we spent as long as we did writing and practicing for the studio, once we got in there it all fell into place very smoothly.

What is it about the 80s that you find so fascinating?

Luke:  I think the 80s was the golden era for music, where metal was gaining momentum and a lot of my main inspirations came from the 80s.

Dan:  It’s not the 80s we find fascinating, it’s the fallout style, the “ww2” kinda environment with nuclear threats and the end of the world literally being a click away that we were really going for.

Chris: That’s more of a Dave thing to be honest. My taste in hard rock comes from 90’s grunge.

Dave: Feels like it was a more simpler time. It seemed like it was the best experience to go out and see a rock show.

What were some of the challenges you get to tackle on this record?

Luke: Me and Dave battling during mixing about the bass and guitar volumes.

Dan: Recording drums for my first time was definitely quite the task.

Chris: We all have different tastes, so it’s like the song is a rubik’s cube and all the different colors are each member of the band’s preference and what we think the audience would like. So we just keep twisting and turning the cube until we develop a song that completes the cube.

Dave: I feel that a lot of music in rock and metal can alienate an audience. I think there is something here most people can enjoy, from classic metal heads all the way to more intense rockers of a “niche” genre.

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Luke:  A lot of it comes from the message we want to deliver like our opinion of society, politics and that we’re not just playing music for the hell of it.

Dan: Chris found a lot of inspiration behind the lyrics from political and modern day events.

Chris: We want to send a real message to people. We are not ANOTHER band that talks about just partying and women. There’s a motivational message behind our songs that are centered around experiences from our past that include heartbreak, betrayal, failure, success, and where we are going as a society.

Dave: I generally try to write what I’d like to hear. Naturally, I draw influence from my favorite bands. But having had been a student of music history, I discovered classical music that was dark, and even found myself headbanging to. That combined with my love of symphonic metal really helps me develop some cool ideas.

Any plans to hit the road?

Luke:  We’re gonna be in Boston November 2nd, definitely looking forward to it.

Dan: Yeah, we’re going to Boston in a few weeks.

Chris: We are shipping up to Boston on November 2!

Dave: I’d love to, really would. But financially it has to make sense. One of my biggest goals is to successfully tour, meet and play for people all over the world.

What else is happening next in All In Moment’s world?

Luke: We’re writing new material and so far we all love it, no disputes…..yet.

Dan: We’re starting to write new music together to start progressing towards a second album.

Chris: More music and more shows!

Dave: We want people to hear what we have spent so much of our recent lives working on. It has cost us a lot of our time and money, which is all part of the grind. When random people come up to me at our shows and compliment us, tell us how much they enjoyed the music, it means the world. I just want more people to enjoy it. When you think of your favorite artist, I feel many people would say that the music changed their life. If someone likes listening to our songs, great. But if it can help them deal with whatever is going on in their lives, then that’s truly the dream. We write mainly about overcoming obstacles, and if we can help just one person live a better life, then no matter how successful we are, I as an artist will feel validated in doing my part in the world.

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