How to find a Los Angeles Headshot Photographer

When in the market for a new headshot it’s important to do your due diligence and research the best Los Angeles Headshot Photographers for you and your business needs, as well as set a meeting with them first so that you can make the most informed decision for your business’ marketing strategies and needs. In this article, we will discuss what kinds of information you should be looking for when searching for a trusted Los Angeles Headshot Photographer to represent you and your business in a professional and realistic manner.

The first thing you should do when in need of a Los Angeles Headshot Photographer is research. Whether you’re you need of commercial, corporate, or theatrical headshots it’s important to understand that you’re maneuvering a vast market with a wide range of variability. That variability is meant to appeal to hundreds of thousands of working professionals that utilize headshots as a marketing tool for their business. You need to know how the market you’re trying to appeal to views you and your business. For actors this is your character type, for corporate professionals, this is your first impression to potential clients or partners. No one knows what you can sell better than you, so use that to your advantage by playing to your strengths. Attempt to ascertain what elements a Los Angeles Headshot Photographer might use to highlight your personality and unique qualities and further exemplify your business’ message and product. If you can manage to understand what your Los Angeles Headshot Photographer needs from you in order to get the best possible headshot, then your marketing investment will pay off in new potential business. You need to identify what about you sells so that your photographer can help keep your session focused in that direction. Next, you will need to research the technical elements photographers use to bring out the best features.

Research begins by simply looking at headshots that you find the most visually appealing and represent your business within a realistic format. You can do this easily by using Pinterest or even google images. All you’re looking for is technical and artistic qualities that bring out the best of the person in the headshot. These images are edited and interpreted using multiple elements such as lighting, angles, composition, aperture, etc. and can be altered to another degree by utilizing natural or studio environments. All these factors lead to the different technical qualities represented in a headshot. A person in the corporate field is looking to show their selling points through their headshot and should prioritize a clean and simple execution. However, an actor might have multiple characters that they can personify and need to be able to sell all those characters in two to three variations of the same headshot, so their needs are found in versatility. Not everyone who needs a Los Angeles Headshot Photographer knows what to look for, in fact, not everyone needs to look for the same thing. That is why you research the creative qualities of headshot photography so that you can truly understand what you’re hiring a Los Angeles Headshot Photographer to do for you and your business. The only thing that you have in common with your competitors when it comes to headshots is that everyone wants to get their money’s worth and see their business grow from their marketing investment.

Now that you know what you need from your photographer you should begin to look for a Los Angeles Headshot Photographer who represents the technical and creative qualities you would like to utilize to help your business stand out from your competitors. Another aspect that is important to keep in consideration is whether you are usually comfortable sitting for a camera. If you feel awkward when the camera is shooting you then this will be reflected to any potential customers who see your headshot. In order to combat this then you must find a Los Angeles Headshot Photographer that you could consider a friend for a day. The most important thing for your session is that you feel comfortable with your photographer; furthermore, they should know how to bring out your personality and unique traits. Some Los Angeles Headshot Photographers will allow you to bring along a friend to cheer you on or use music to lighten the mood of your session, but there are also many who will rush through your session because you’re just another job in their busy schedule. While everyone wants to use the “big name” photographers in town, many cannot feasibly expect to pay thousands of dollars for bad headshots which they would need to replace. You should never book a Los Angeles Headshot Photographer without having written or verbal communication with them. This way you can use your instincts to determine whether they genuinely care about you, your business, and your message or if they’re just looking for a paycheck.

If you are still unsure of a Los Angeles Headshot Photographer, then it never hurts to ask to set a meeting with them in person before making any final decisions. If this is possible within their schedules and yours it’s a good idea just to get a better grip of their personality and technical methods. Think of this meeting or any prior conversations with your Los Angeles Headshot Photographer as an interview. You are hiring them to do a job for you, so it is important that they know they are expected to meet your expectations at the very least. The best photographer for you would meet these guidelines easily and should exceed them considering they’re the experts on the matter and that’s why you need them, otherwise you would just take the world’s best selfie for free. While it is important to allow them to follow creative and artistic expression their priority should be to achieve what you’re asking from them. It is a balancing act between artistic collaboration and a business investment, and the best photographer is always the one who can respect and agree to your needs. Once you can answer these questions, you’re ready to book your Los Angeles Headshot Photographer.

Do I know what my best qualities are and how to personify them in order to grow my client base and business?

What technical qualities do I identify with and realistically see my business in?

Does my Los Angeles Headshot Photographer understand the message of my business and how I want to grow it?

Do I feel comfortable enough with my Los Angeles Headshot Photographer to call them your friend?

Does my Los Angeles Headshot Photographer make me and my business a priority?

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