Interview: Hagen Brothers

Hello Hagen Brothers! Welcome to Vents! How are you?

We’re doing well, thank you for taking the time to interview us.

Where are you from?

We were both born and raised here in Madison, WI. Growing up in Madison we both began to discover the music scene and wanted to be a part of it.

How is the life of a producer?

We’re both having a lot of fun with it. For us, there’s been a lot of trial and error along the way, but we’ve slowly been finding our sound.

 When did you start making beats/producing music?

 We grew up in a musical family, listening to all genres and have always had an appreciation for it. We started screwing around making music years ago as kids, but the last year or so we have been taking it more seriously. Both of us have always held an interest in music, but we reached a point where we decided to dedicate more time to our craft and build something out of our common interest.

 Who inspires you the most?

From the start it has always been Mac Miller. We’ve always felt like we grew up with him, and through his music, watching him grow as an artist. He has always been in tight rotation for both of us. We had the chance to see him live, and shortly after his music became a studying point for us. We wanted to learn his craft and see what he put into it. I remember we were together when we heard of his passing, we still think about it to this day. Through it all, we used it as platform to apply what we learned and loved from his brilliance to help our own sound grow. We believe we owe some of that to him.

What are the challenges of being a pair of producers?

We both have such a drive to make music, it’s hard when other aspects of life get in the way. We can’t do this full time, and we have very different schedules. There truthfully isn’t enough time in the day.

What is your favorite beat you’ve ever made?

Picking your favorite beat is like picking your favorite child. We have many memorable beats but we could never pick just one. A lot of our beats hold sentimental value to us, many of our memories in music can be tied back to the day we made a beat that felt special to us. From years ago to now, we’ve had tons of times like that, it’d be impossible to choose just one. We once made a beat together over a year ago called ‘Portrait’, while we were still using Garageband. After we heard the beat in full, we felt like we had something really special. That night the energy was crazy, and it motivated us to keep going. We’ve come a long way since that beat, but it is almost a kickstarter to what we are doing now.

Any projects coming out soon?

We currently have no dates set. We’ve been focusing on honing in our craft and collaborating with artists. We’ve been building up our catalog for a while now and we have some huge ideas and plans coming. We’re so critical of ourselves, sometimes that delays those things, but we’re pushing that away and we are very excited for the future and what is to come for Hagen Brothers.

 What are some of your goals as producers?

 We’ve talked a lot about this, we hope to meet more talented artists and make great music with them that will be appreciated by many. We love music and we love making it and we just want to share our ideas and sound with anyone willing to listen. We have a goal to be sought out producers. To have a place for people from all over to come and work with us. To have a space where people want to be, where they want to record and produce along with us. We think we’re a strong collaboration, and we have a strong bond between us both and we feel like we can reach these goals in the future.

Who is one artist you’d love to collab with?

 For us it has to be Flume, we have never heard a producer like him. Working with him would obviously be a treat, but to just be able to pick his brain would be amazing. We believe he is the best producer world wide, and just to be able to sit in a room with him would be enough of a dream for us. Flume has nearly created his own genre, he has been so experimental but still finds a way to make it work, and to have a fanbase like no other. We feel like we could learn a lot from him, and who wouldn’t want to be on a song with Flume

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