Common mistakes in interior design

Have you ever understood how gorgeous and perfect is the room after entering? Probably, yes. Such effect is achieved by different design details and techniques. But ignoring them can have the opposite result because the place may look small, dark, and uncomfortable. So you should know at least a few aspects not to regret it in the future.

  1. Bad lighting is one of the most popular problems. Often, people hope that overhead lighting will be enough for the whole room. When your home is partly dark, it becomes unattractive and even ugly. Built-in luminaries, floor and wall lamps, spotlights, etc are available for everybody. Think which one is suitable for your design.

  2. Another problem that comes from older times when the backside of the furniture was ugly is connected with the placement of tables, chairs, beds and so on. Before, people used to hide these disadvantages in order to keep the room beautiful. But now any piece of furniture is pretty nice from any view and there is no need to place, for example, a sofa near the wall. You may be surprised by how it influences the total place of the room and its appearance when the sofa or table is in the middle of the room.

  3. Old things. Reached till our time for various reasons they usually fall outside of modern concepts of design. Try to replace ancient remains with the newer one. Doesn’t matter what it is if it makes the room less magnificent. If the item is important for you, place it somewhere so that this won’t attract too much attention.

  4. Too many decorations. Really, this is trivia but so ordinary mistakes can be seen in lots of houses. When somebody thinks that decoration is good, he may forget about loads of them are bad. We try to put as many figures, photos, vases as it is possible. Over time a number of such things become unacceptable and it looks like a mountain of stuff and trash. By the way, tidying a room with loads of things is difficult, exhausting and takes hours to finish.

  5. Unsuitably big wall decorations. When you see something like this, there is a question: “What is it?” Instead of them, there are a lot of alternatives such as lamps, paintings, arts, and wall stickers. For some reason, people are not aware of the last one very often. See some examples you can see on this page. Others are popular so they probably do not need additional presentation. 

  6. Inappropriate size of the furniture. Any item shouldn’t stand out too much. Avoiding this aspect can create a ridiculous and funny situation while a chair enormously big in comparison with the sofa. Today some shops supply clients with apps for your smartphone to check how the piece of furniture will fit in the room.

  7. Small or, on the opposite, too big carpets. Seriously, what is the point of placing a floor covering all over the room or under the one chair? Of course, there are exceptions but usually, it looks bad. One of the ways to understand if the size is correct – make sure that it covers the length of the sofa. 

  8. Don’t use a lot of colors and ornaments. There are two simple rules for combining these details.
    1) Using different ornaments but with the same colors. 2) Similar ornaments with different colors. Simple but effective, doesn’t it? 

  9. The next problem is connected to the practical use of the interior. In a chase of beauty and whole look, people forget about storage space. Without it, space will be filling with different things making the designer’s work worthless. There must be drawers or crates for all of the important stuff. 

Hope, these tips will be helpful for you and your design will be perfect.

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