Watching Movies Vs. Watching Sports, Which One Is Better

On-demand entertainment by streaming providers is new, but seeing a movie with friends has been a ritual for all of us. It’s not only about the film now, but also about what we are watching? One of the reasons why keywords like “Oscar nominations this year” has been doubled on search engines. But what about sports? Many of us possess a passion for a particular game. It can be cricket, chess, hockey or tennis. According to studies, being a sportsman is right for your mental and physical health. Watching sports works as a social catalyst and connects with other individuals. Well, that’s what movies do to you. So, which one is better; watching movies or sports? Read on to know how these two different sources of entertainment keeps you happy and healthy, and then we can take out a conclusion.

They help us learn

We can learn a lot about many things through movies. If you can make out the message of a film, there are chances that it can change the way you look at the world. Whether you watch 300 or Batman series, there is a message in every movie. Even if we leave the morale, there are a variety of technologies used to make movies like Transformers or The Lion King, which excites the youth to learn new things and even make it as a carrier option. Knowledge of animation and CGI can boost your carries in the film industry.

On the other hand, sports do the same things. Playing or watching sports does not only give you training and practice about a particular game. But, for those who can understand, a cricket match or a football game is not just a play. Let’s take the example of cricket. When the pitch is not helping a batsman, or the bowler is very tough to play, what he does? He plays safe, takes time to hit a ball, and don’t try to go over the top. Otherwise, he can lose his wicket. Similar, when the life shows you unlikely grounds, you don’t have to stop. Decrease the speed and try to be safe, instead of losing the patience or trust on yourself and getting into a new trouble. Similarly, there are many other lessons that you can learn from a cricket match and other games, while only watching it.

Eliminates stress and depression from your life

One of the most beneficial aspects of watching movies is its effects as a stress buster. None of us would ever shrink before asking one of our friends to watch a film. Whether it’s a multiplex or comfort of your house, as far as a genre provokes the right feelings, and refreshes your mind, it’s good for your mood.

In the same manner, supporting a sports team and watching them play keeps you active and exciting. No matter you are watching football, cricket or baseball, you will be happy and depression free. Yes, you will be sad when your team will lose. However, according to the studies, your stress level will be comparatively lower than people who are not involved in watching games.

Makes relationship stronger and gives you lots of memories

If you remember a time when you were laughing your heart out with one of your friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, then you understand the point here. A good comedy or a chilling horror lightens your mood and gives you some extra time to bond with someone you want. No one can forget the hostel life, when we used to watch movies without attending the classes or when you booked a ticket from your office printer so that you can see the film with your girlfriend.

Similarly, watching games together with your closed one will make your relationship stronger. Studies show that a couple watching sports together are more satisfied and happy when compared to couples who split off while one of them is watching cricket or hockey.

Helps you to build a great personality

Don’t be surprised, watching movies or sports channel will not burn the extra calories, but both of them can inspire you to get up and start working out. Watching actors like Chris Hemsworth, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson will motivate you to hit the gym. OR you could start playing a game to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Not only the actors, but sportspersons have to be fit and healthy depending upon their nature of the game. If we talk about cricket, Virat Kohli, M.S. Dhoni, Faf Du Plessis, Brendon Mccullum, etc. are some of the fittest cricket players in the world. If you want to be energetic and successful like them, you need to be physically and mentally fit.


Watching movies or movies, going to the parties, or hanging out with friends in a café facilitates somewhat familiar things. You learn things, get to know each other, and also boost your self-confidence at the same time. So, this weekend, you can choose to watch Gemini Man Starring Will Smith in a nearby multiplex. If you are interested in cricket, then there is a series going on between India and South Africa.

This post is written by guest author Stewart Dixon, a sports enthusiast. Also he likes movie too. Now he tries to draw a comparison between these two interesting field. We hope you guys enjoyed this post.

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