Speed of Electric Unicycles – How Fast Can an Electric Unicycle Go?

It’s no surprise that electric unicycles are fast becoming popular. Relatively new to the market, these very clever little machines are appearing in cities all over where commuters use them as a convenient way of getting from public transport to and from work. Efficient, compact and easy to learn to ride – once you get the hang of a very different way of controlling a vehicle – they are also great fun, and many people are buying them from MyEWheel for leisure use.

There is some confusion as to their legality for use in crowded places; some cities don’t allow them or have yet to make a decision, so it’s worth checking. The problem is that these machines can – in some cases – reach speeds that are very impressive for such a small vehicle. So what exactly is an electric unicycle, and how fast can you go?

Why You Might Want an Electric Unicycle

The electric unicycle concept is one of the latest developments in personal electric transport, and it’s one that is more likely to catch on. This is because of a few factors that make it very attractive: it’s compact, it is relatively lightweight, and it is perfect for travelling short distances that you would rather not walk! They also recharge by USB, and there are some that can take you quite a long way on a single charge.

If you visit www.electricunicycles.co store you will see some examples of the makes and models on offer, and also notice something very clever: electric unicycles are self-balancing. Remember when you learned to ride a bike? How many times did you fall off while trying to understand the balancing part? There’s none of that with one of these, but there are some techniques to learn that will at first feel very different!

The electric unicycle is balanced by a series of clever gizmos within its casing – gyroscopes are among them, and you might remember them for their amazing ability to balance when you were shown them at school – and are given instructions on whether to go forwards, stop or turn by sensors that monitor the pressure of your feet on the platform: lean forward for forward motion, back again for breaking, and left and right for steering. It does take some learning, but not too much.

So, back to the question: how fast can an electric unicycle go?

Different Models for Different Speeds

There are a number of different electric unicycles with various different performance parameters. The MonoWheel V2 is perhaps the ‘basic’ model. It’s surprisingly affordable, can take you as far as 18 miles on a full charge, and can reach 10mph top speed. It comes with Bluetooth speakers, and very compact indeed. 10mph may not sound fast, but remember this: you are standing on a platform attached to single wheel, with no bars to hold onto, guiding this device by your body movement!

Now, consider the Rockwheel GT, which is perhaps the top of the range model in the current range. This one can go as far as 40 miles on one charge, and can carry you as fast as 30mph! Can you imagine doing 30mph on a single wheel? It is also strongly built for using off-road, has headlights, and is perfect for enjoying fun days out exploring!

The simple fact is that even 10mph is fast, but these machines are in their infancy still, and performance will become more impressive as new models and innovations come to the fore. Check out electric unicycles now, and you can be the one that sets the trend!

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