A Step By Step Guide on How to Build a Recording Studio in Your Home

Being a musician is no easier than having a regular nine-to-five job, in a way, it may even involve more work than your traditional desk job.

You’ve got hours of practice to keep up your skills, research to stay ahead of the trends and the requirement to unique in your genre. All of this means hours at home, hours on the road finding gigs and the need to record your music.

Having your own recording studio in your home can be very beneficial to your career. Keep reading for a guide on how to build a recording studio in your home.

Have a Plan For Your Recording Studio 

Depending on the type and style of music you’ll be recording, you’ll want to tailor your recording studio to match this. Will it be a traditional recording studio for instruments and vocals?

Is it a recording studio for just vocals with backtracks? Is it more computer-based music?

If you play an instrument and do vocals, you’ll need your plan to include enough space for all the equipment you need. So keep in mind exactly what it is you’ll be trying to achieve and put it in your plan.

How To Build A Recording Studio 

There are a few elements that go into building your recording studio, from which room to choose to what equipment you’ll need. Here’s a breakdown of this.

Step 1: Choosing The Right Room 

It matters when you’re selecting a room to make into your recording studio. Try to stay away from spaces that are too small.

A room that is situated further away from outside noises is always a better choice, for example, if the front of your house sits on a high-traffic road, you may experience noise interference so you’ll want the room you choose to be towards the back of your home.

Step 2: Clear Out The Room 

You’ve now selected the perfect room for your recording studio. So it’s time to get started on the project.

Your first step is to clear out the room, take everything off the walls and any furniture that may create vibrations. Declutter completely so that your room is solely used for the purpose of music-making.

Step 3: Get The Right Equipment 

Firstly, you’re going to need a good computer with good music recording software on it. Also, make sure that you have enough hard drive space on your laptop or Mac so that you don’t lose anything when you get started.

Now, you need a digital audio workstation. This is the piece of equipment that’s going to help you record and edit your music, make sure it’s compatible with your computer.

Lastly, you’ll need a quality studio-level microphone and professional headphones. Buying gear too cheap means you may have to deal with faulty equipment and poor quality recordings, so don’t skimp on these two items.

Lacking The Space

If you find you’re lacking the right room, then finding a home loan to build onto your existing house might be solution.

This is a great way to build your recording studio from the ground up and make it truly unique.

On Your Way to Recording Stardom 

Now you know the basics of how to build a recording studio in your home. Remember though, a large part of the success of your home recording studio is being mindful of the type and style of music you’ll be making.

Know beforehand how much space you need for additional instruments and people.

Have a look at the tips section on our site to get more insight into how to improve your skills along the way.

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