When to oil your beard trimmer

Men are very conscious about their looks nowadays. They usually adopt different kinds of look and get them updated regularly. One of the most common trends is to have mustache and beard. Having a beard or mustache is not an easy thing because they grow day by day and the hair gets long in size which looks weird after some days. For reducing this problem it is important to trim your beards timely. Lots of people go to the saloons for trimming their beard in a stylish and fashionable way but many others do this at home. They only need to get a best beard trimmer and start their work.

What is a beard trimmer?

A beard trimmer is one of the most important tools in a man’s equipment box. The trimmer helps to clean up your beard. It is also helpful in getting the desired style of your beard hair. You can cut your beard hair with the help on the trimmer. It helps you to look nice and preferably up to date with fashion.

Maintaining your beard trimmer

It is important to use the beard trimmer in its best way. You need to maintain it in good condition. Because when you use a thing in its best condition and maintain that condition you can increase the life span as well as the efficiency and output of that thing. For maintenance of a trimmer, you need to clean and oil it properly. Oiling is one of the best ways to keep the trimmer in good condition as it is new.

Oiling the trimmer

The quality of the trimmer gets better with the oil. Oiling makes the trimmer lubricated and smooth. A frictionless trimmer can smoothly trim the hair in the desired way. This not only increases the efficiency of the trimmer but also increases the life span of the trimmer and makes it more effective.

When to oil your beard trimmer?

All the men know that how they can oil their trimmer. But the thing that they don’t know is when they need to oil it. It is very important to know about the time of oiling the trimmer to keep it in its best condition. People usually don’t know about the time of oiling and don’t consider it necessary every time. They think they can oil the beard trimmer once in a month or twice a month. But this is not a good practice. How less you oil your trim it will increase the chances of the blades of your trimmer to get rusty or hard. This can increase the chances of friction, which is harmful to your skin and increases the chances of cuts on the exposed part. Increased friction can also damage your trimmer earlier which can cause the wastage of your money and you doubt the quality of the trimmer. But in fact, it is not the fault of anyone other than you. You bought a thing in a good and working condition and now it was your duty to take care of it regularly. To avoid all these problems you should get all the important information about oiling your trimmer. You should know the way of oiling your beard trimmer as well as the time of oiling it. You can understand the time of oiling your beard trimmer below:

  1. Oil your trimmer before every use:

Blades of trimmer can get rough and hard when exposed to air. So, it is necessary to lubricate it before using it. This can increase its efficiency and reduce the chances of getting cuts or a rough shave. If you don’t oil it before use you need to work more on your beard instead with that of oiled and lubricated blades.

  1. Oil the trimmer after use:

It is one of the best practices to oil the trimmer after use because after getting rubbed with hair and face the blades get hot and hard. This can increase the chances of the roughness of the blades which can ultimately lead to the rusting and damaging of the sharp iron pieces. But if you have already oiled it before use then you don’t need to oil it after. But if you do so it can contribute to good practice.

  1. Oil the trimmer once a week

If you don’t use your trimmer for long it can get rusty by staying in one condition. So, it is mandatory to oil it at least once a week.


The oiling of the beard trimmer should be done on a regular basis. If you miss it for once it may get fine. But if you miss it more than once it is quite very risky for losing your trimmer. If you don’t use it regularly you still need to oil it periodically. You may find your trimmer fine after the first use or many uses. This can make you think that it is not necessary to grease it with oil. But after some uses, you may repent on that. So it is recommended to oil the blades of the trimmer with every use, whether before or after. And if you don’t feel it easy then practice this at least once a week. Unused used or less used blades can be oiled once a fortnight. But in a very busy life, one may forget to oil it on time. It is fine if you don’t remember oiling the trimmer. Oil it whenever you get reminded of. The best way of it is to make a plan or time table for oiling on a periodic basis. You can’t do it with any oil. The oil that can be used for this purpose comes with the trimmer packing. But if there is no oil you can also use vegetable oil or olive oil. But you should be very careful about using other oils as you cannot use the extra virgin olive oil or motor oil. Also, don’t try to use Vaseline for lubrication as they can ruin the trimmer.

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