Top 6 Netflix Movies 2019

Winters are almost around the corner and so are long awaited events of the year. Most of us will be spending these winter vacations with our loved ones, family, relatives, and friends.  So, here is a small list of handpicked movies that you can watch with your family and/or friends.  Before you get to the recommendations, make sure you have a steady and stable telecom provider that suits your needs, you can visit this link, to get the best deals for that matter.

  1. Moonlight (2016)

The movie is an off-age drama which tells a story of Chiron through three different stages of his life. Each chapter reveals the challenges he’s gone through, internally and externally both — from his sexuality concerns to the abuse he faced as a child. The writer and director, Barry Jenkins, chose to stay focused on the close-to-real-life characters than building a complex plot or distracting through visuals. The movie comes along as we witness Chiron’s mysterious life.

  1. Her (2013)

This movie is a tale of a lonely person who discovers great fondness with his operating system. Only Spike Jonze could carry such tender idea and craft a sweet and gentle story. This Oscar-winner presents the life of a professional writer, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix). This character is struggling to move on from his not-so-long-ago separated wife (Rooney Mara) and becoming friends with his new A.I. operating system referred as Samantha and voiced by Scarlett Johansson). Shunning the social encounters so he can get more time for Sam — things quickly changed once his feelings grew for her. At its core, the film explores an impossible idea of romance while highlighting different aspects about our relationships with devices and gadgets.

  1. The Witch (2015)

As the name of this movie suggests, it is a horror period flick. Robert Eggers has categorically managed to reserve its spot in the immortals of horror. The Witch is set in 1630s New England, where William and Katherine along with their family are displaced and enter a new phase of life on a scary forest. Being detested from everything, the couple are shattered when their son Samuel is snatched while his sister Thomasin watches over him. Things get worse and difficult for them from there – much worse.

  1. Network (1976)

 With fierceness and spite, between a somewhat over-the-top central theme for its time, where a ratings-obsessed news network attempts to create entertainment through its lead anchor, he warns to commit suicide on air after discovering he’s being released from a 25-year old position. The story of Howard Beale may not appear organic in 2019, but all of this relies greatly on the execution. He doesn’t commit suicide on the live broadcast but what he does, brings a lot of destruction.

Totally worth watching. The script is written well, sharp, intelligent conversations, excellent direction, and a subject that is relatable even today. There are a bundle of other reasons to watch this movie. See it and find out by reply 1988 ซับไทย

  1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Considering how familiar we are with this character, it is phenomenal that this movie makes the Spidey universe look thoroughly organic. It’s fun, it feels pure, the sound is explosive, and it’s a visual treat for eyes. Peter Parker gets attacked by a spider at a lab and his Uncle Ben expires following to that. Everybody knows the origin of Spidey’s story which is why Spider-Verse opts to neglect that retelling and experiment something new. The socially awkward New York teen Miles Morales plays the lead character. As a reviewer, it is difficult to find loopholes in something that has already become one of the best comic book movies ever made.

  1. Jurassic Park

Expected to come on screens by 2021, Steven Spielberg’s original trek is the best of all the Dinosaur movies. Typically, this outline intensifies to action-packed slopes which is surprisingly full of dinosaurs. Spielberg’s Jurassic Park remains the standard parameter for measurement when it comes to blockbuster movies – such movies come once and last forever. From the exciting visuals of Stan Winston’s animatronic dinos to John Williams’ classic hummable music, to the storyline brimming with exceptional characters and tremendous set-pieces – everything about this movie is outclass.

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