The Distinctive Characteristics of Dupe Diamond Minerals

The ability to tell if a diamond is fake has always been assumed to belong to professional gemologists specifically. Well, indeed, some alterations done to the valuable stone can only be detected by them. But, there are other simple tests to carry out before purchasing pink diamonds. Or just for the knowledge of it to avoid being scammed else, you might end up with some cheap glass at hand in the name of the idolized Argyle pink diamonds.

 Here are the characteristics of a duplicate ore

Holds Heat Longer

Original diamond stones are good conductors of heat. You can tell this by carrying out a basic moisture test, and nearly no help from an expert is needed. Hold the stone carefully between your fingers and breath against it. On a real diamond, the moisture will disappear within seconds, contrary to a fake that will hold the moisture longer.

Perfect Under a Loupe

Professionals can tell the difference between a fake and a real diamond under a special Loup. The phony diamond looks more in place and beautiful under a magnifying glass.   A real diamond, however, appears cracked and has visible defects.

Has Low Density

The most convenient and most appropriate method to test for densities is through the water test. A real diamond, when carefully dropped in a glass filled with clear water, will sink to the bottom due to its high density. If yours floats beneath the surface, sorry, you’re holding a human-made piece.

Fake Have Radiopaque characteristics.

Real argyle pink diamonds like any other diamond have radiolucent molecular structures. An x-Ray examination carried out in a well-equipped lab detects radiopaque molecular structures in a fake diamond.

Does Not Refract Light

To test for this, all you need to do be carry out a simple refraction test. There are two different but almost similar methods to prove this. The first one is by carefully placing the mineral on a written piece in a well-lit room. If you can read the words underneath the diamond in a straight line, even if blurry, the diamond is fake. A real diamond disperses light in different directions.

If that doesn’t work, consider the dot method, make a dark dot on a blank piece of paper, and look at it through the sharp edge of the diamond. A fake diamond will reveal the dot at the bottom of the diamond.

Simple Microscope

Last but not least. Under a magnification of 1200×, a mineral specialist can effortlessly tell if there have been alterations of any kind done to the stone.


In a word, owning an Argyle pink diamonds is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone. But not until you realize you spent money on fraud. It is a pain in the neck! So before any regrets, it’s better to confirm what you’re about to buy. Luckily enough, it’s not so much hustle, just natural steps experiments, most of which are done at the comfort of your home. Do not fall prey to the scam.

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