5 First Date Outfits to Avoid Like the Plague

What should you wear on a first date, and what should you not wear? Learn more in this guide to first date outfits and the clothes to totally avoid.

After spilling something on yourself or having something stuck in your teeth, a wardrobe malfunction is one of the biggest fears on a first date.

People are always talking about the best first date outfits. Should I wear this cute blue dress or this sexy black one? That’s not the question here!

What is even more important than what to wear on a first date is what to avoid. Check out our no-nos for your first encounter. Let’s go!

  1. LBDs With Too Much Skin 

You should be applauded for having the confidence to show off a bit of skin on a first date. This is fabulous for your self-esteem.

But, you can also show off too much skin with a low cut top or an especially short little black dress (LBD). This can be a little daunting for your date to handle.

They won’t be able to enjoy their meal without staring at your cleavage. Give them a break by leaving the rest to the imagination.

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  1. A Tight and Crazy Catsuit 

You should totally be yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different. And yet, when it comes to a first date, less is more.

If you’re struggling to decide whether or not to wear your tight, black catsuit this evening. You probably shouldn’t on this occasion!

If you stay neutral and classic, you can allow the other person to judge you on your personality rather than on what you’re wearing.

  1. Ballgown to the Movies 

Not every first date is the same. But, the third most popular first date is actually heading to the cinema to catch a movie.

But, if you’re going to movies or for a cup of coffee, you probably shouldn’t be donning your beautiful ballgown. You look amazing. But, it could send the wrong signals if you’re only meeting a dive bar on a Tuesday evening.

You need to judge the date. Sometimes, a plain white t-shirt with a pair of sexy blue jeans is the right choice instead.

  1. Squeezing Into Your New Dress 

Nearly 57 percent of women agree that there are no clothes to fit their bodies. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t desperately attempt to squeeze into clothes that don’t fit.

Dating is awkward and uncomfortable as it is. You don’t want to make it worse by constantly adjusting the straps to get more comfortable.

  1. Your Grandma’s Knitted Sweater 

Your Grandma’s knitted sweater is extremely meaningful for you. But, that doesn’t mean you should show it off on a first date.

Keep your wooly sweater where to belongs. In your bedroom where nobody else will ever see it but you.

Date Outfits to Avoid on a First Date

You can probably talk for hours with your friends about what to wear on a first date. But, there are some date outfits which can be ruled out.

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