The Perfect Christmas Present For Dads

Finding a Christmas gift for the person who has almost everything is hard. Luckily, these men appreciate everything as long as it comes from the people they love the most. Whether your dad is part of the millennial techies or the old fashioned troopers, the following gift ideas are sure to put a smile on his face.

Golf Swing Trainer

Perfect For: dads who want to train further, first-timers in golf

Price: $ 37.16

This item is perfect for dads who want to improve their golf game, or those who want to try learning the sport. The product manufacturers take pride in providing users with an item close to the real golf club, as well as help them improve their swings and balance. Another thing to take note of is the exaggerated flex of the golf swing trainer, which causes a “lag” during a backswing. This lag helps the user find his tempo and with continuous practice, improves the overall skill and game.

Magnetic Wrist Band For Different Tools

Perfect For: dads who enjoy carpentry or DIY activities

Price Approximate: $ 9.98

Aside from adding a stylish touch to your dad’s getup while fixing things around the house, this wristband helps him keep his tools organized and in place. Users no longer have to go back and forth to their toolboxes to get screwdrivers, nails, or screws. The band has strong magnets inside that can put big or small tools in place. The straps are also adjustable, which means that the user can wear multiple wristbands at the same time, depending on the difficulty of the task and the number of tools he wishes to bring with him.

Armchair Assistant

Perfect For: helping dad relax and organize his things

Price Approximate: $14

Where To Buy:

The Prezzybox armchair caddy is the ultimate couch assistant. The product has many pockets in which different items can fit, such as the remote, his daily newspaper, or his phone. The armchair assistant also includes a tray for meals and drinks. Put the product over the armrest of your dad’s favorite seat or couch, and he’s ready to go.

Under The Desk Elliptical Trainer

Perfect For: keeping dad healthy while at work or even while sitting

Price Approximate:: $ 89.03

Where To Buy:

The elliptical trainer designed for under desk exercises is perfect for users who sit long hours at work. Your dad might not have enough time to exercise, let alone have long walks to keep his heart pumping and his blood circulating. This product ensures that he gets the adequate exercise that improves blood circulation and overall health even at the office.

Character Bobbleheads

Perfect For: the sentimental dad

Price: Varies depending on the design and size

Where To Buy:

Bobbleheads are a perfect gift for dads who want to keep the memories alive or for those who love putting products like these on the car dashboard or their desk. Depending on your preference, you can have a personalized design that may consist of family members as bobbleheads, or you can order online and look for his favorite characters and personalities.

Whistle-Activated “Fetch My Keys” Key Finder

Perfect For: the dad who always loses or forgets where he put his keys

Dads are getting older, and they tend to forget where they put their keys. But that’s not a bad thing, especially if you have something that can help him with this common dilemma. The product looks and kind of acts like a dog (which explains the “fetch my key” concept”), and it automatically activates when it hears a whistle. The beeps are loud and audible, which makes it the best companion for whenever you need to find a car, house, or gate keys.

Easy To Bring Portable Power Source

Perfect For: the outdoor-loving, boy scout dad

Price Approximate:: $ 159.99

Where To Buy:

This power source is perfect for any outdoor activity you wish to go to with your dad. Because of the lithium component, you don’t have to worry about power running out. Lithium is the preferred component for most batteries nowadays because it is low maintenance, energy-efficient, and rechargeable. The device also automatically shuts off when charging is complete. Take note that most products like this do not have a solar panel. Unless you purchase more advanced versions of the unit, charging by cord usage is the only way.

Super Thin Power Bank

Perfect For: dads on the go, or those who frequently play games on their phone

Price Approximate:: $ 14

Where To Buy:

Bringing a power bank with you can be a hassle, especially if the item is heavy and bulky. Dads don’t like a lot of fuss; that’s why the thinnest power bank you can find is the perfect gift. This product boasts of 2000 MAH with a 9.6 cm x 6.2 cm x 0.66 cm dimension. You can fit the power bank perfectly in your dad’s wallet without the bulk and heaviness.

Cordless Power Drill

Perfect For: the “Fix-It Felix” dad

Price Approximate:: $ 41

Where To Buy:

The cordless power drill helps the user lessen the hassle of drilling and trying to find a power source to use. Your dad can quickly charge the product, which lasts for up to eighteen hours. The product includes thirty free accessories, which can help your dad start on pretty much anything that needs fixing.

Coleman Portable Cooler Bag

Perfect For: the meal preparing, health-conscious dad

Price Approximate:: $ 23.94

Where To Buy:

Some dads need to start meal preparations because of their health, or some want home-cooked meals wherever they go. The Coleman portable cooler bag can accommodate hot meals, cold contents, and even beer cans (up to thirty pieces). Any frozen item can last up to twenty-four hours, and the product design prevents unwanted leaks.

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