Healthy Pet, Happy Life: The Top Benefits of Organic Pet Food and Products

Freshwater fish, cats, and dogs are the top 3 household pets that are owned in the United States.

Furry loved ones and beautiful fish fill our hearts and homes with love, but what happens when they leave us too soon?

If you want to give your beloved pet a happy and healthy life that is long, you may want to consider switching their food.

Scroll down to learn about all of the benefits of organic pet food, along with an explanation of the different types of pet food quality.

  1. They Will Have Fewer Allergies

Organic pet food has been shown to help decrease allergies and skin conditions, that can be uncomfortable for any animal.

Because organic pet foods are free of artificial flavors and colors, your pet will have fewer allergies throughout the year. They also don’t contain any additives or pesticides. These unnatural ingredients are often the cause of pet allergies and can make them feel uncomfortable.

If your pet is constantly sneezing, coughing, or itching themselves, you may want to try organic foods.

Not only is organic food free of unnatural products, but it also has high-quality protein and grains that offer various nutrients. Your pet’s immune system will become stronger and able to fight off infections.

  1. No More Tummy Troubles

If your dog or cat consistently has digestive problems, they may be able to benefit from using all-natural pet food and products.

Signs that your beloved pet may be having tummy troubles are vomiting, gas, bloating, and diarrhea. Organic food is more nutritious because it has no chemical additives or fillers, and can get easily absorbed.

Chicken, lamb, turkey, oats, and barley get used in organic foods and help keep the digestive system functioning properly.

  1. Feel Fuller Faster

Another benefit of using organic pet foods and products is that your pet will feel fuller faster than they typically do.

This is because there are no empty-calorie fillers in organic food. Organic options are filled with healthy grains and proteins. These grains and proteins help satiate your pet more quickly than other food options would.

This benefit is even more important if your pet tends to overeat and is overweight. They can lose weight with organic foods because they won’t be as hungry from food additives.

Pets that maintain a healthy weight and that don’t overeat tend to live longer and healthier.

  1. Overall Health Improves

Going with organic pet food has a lot of benefits, it even improves the immune system and overall health!

Organic food has better nutritional value than many other types of food. Animals can absorb nutrients more efficiently, making them easier to digest. Poor quality foods don’t offer as many nutrients because they are eliminated before they can be absorbed.

Going with more natural food can improve the immune system and help your pet defend against disease and infections.

  1. They Live Longer

One of the best benefits of using organic foods is that they help your pet live longer.

Not only do they live longer, but their quality of life also improves. Those who want their pets to live forever and never leave them should highly consider getting them organic food and products.

Organic options can help keep your pet’s coat shiny and make them more comfortable. You will likely see an increase in your pet’s energy, health, and positive mood.

If your pet is feeling good on the inside, they will look good on the outside too. Avoid putting chemicals and unnatural ingredients in their bowl to keep your pet around for a longer time.

  1. Less Exposure to Chemicals

Not going with organic options can expose your pet to even more chemicals and harmful materials, than they already are surrounded by.

Fillers, preservatives, pesticides, and artificial colors and flavors can damage your pet’s health. They are unhealthy and often do more harm than good.

Some companies use these products to make mass amounts of pet foods at a cheap cost. Unfortunately, without reading the ingredients list, many owners are unaware of all of the unnatural items.

Overall, your pet will be eating cleaner and more natural foods.

  1. It Tastes Better

Many pets prefer organic pet food over other brands because it is much fresher and has a better taste overall.

Organic food is not as exposed to chemicals and preservatives which help maintain a better taste. Some organic foods are also kept cold and are given to your pet fresh. Not surprisingly, pets prefer fresh food just like we do.

If your pet is struggling to eat their food anymore, you may need to change the flavor on them to get them excited to eat again.

The main flavors that are found within organic foods come from turkey, chicken, eggs, grains, and vegetables. Unlike many other food options, organic food is naturally flavored with these ingredients.

  1. Shines Their Coat

Organic pet foods contain a variety of healthy fats, that help makes your pet’s fur coat shine.

The minerals, protein, and omega 3s and 6s all help aid in hair loss and improve growth. When your pet is getting all of the nutrients and minerals that it requires, you will be able to notice, just by looking at them.

Older pets may be at a higher risk for hair loss, if this is the case for your pet, you should start using organic food. The minerals and nutrients not only shine their coat, but they also prevent hair loss.

  1. Faster Recovery

Infections and sickness happen to pets no matter how much we try to protect them. Organic food can help by improving recovery time for your beloved pet.

Going with organic options can speed up the time that your pet is feeling under the weather. It can also help if they going to have a minor surgery or procedure done.

The natural and organic ingredients are better absorbed and give your pet the nutrients it requires to heal. Many plant-based ingredients that are also used in organic pet foods. The plant-based ingredients have healing and therapeutic properties that also help your pet.

  1. You Will Save Money

Using organic pet foods can save you a lot of money in food and vet bills throughout your pet’s lifetime.

Did you know that a medium-sized dog has an average life expectancy of 13 years? Over these 13 years, this dog’s pet owner will spend over $15,500 on average. This total average cost includes vet bills, medications, food, treats, toys, and bedding.

Household pets aren’t the cheapest and can cost you a lot of money over time, especially if they get sick or need surgery.

Giving your pet organic food can help prevent illness or injury, which can help save thousands of dollars.

Are Organic Pet Foods and Natural Pet Foods the Same?

Many people believe that organic and all-natural mean the same thing when they don’t.

Natural pet foods consist of whole food ingredients. They don’t contain any additives, artificial colors or flavors, and preservatives. Soy, gluten, and grains are common ingredients found within natural pet products. They also can use by-products in natural pet food, but they put a limit on processing levels.

All-natural pet foods shouldn’t contain any traces of artificial products, chemicals, or animal by-products.

Organic foods are similar to natural foods but are regulated by the US government. The USDA ensures that a product was grown, harvested, and processed organically.

Organic foods should have no pesticides, chemicals, artificial ingredients, synthetic fertilizers, or antibiotics. Foods that have less than 70% of organic materials can claim that they are made with organic foods but are not fully organic.

Besides organic and natural pet foods, there are also holistic pet foods. Holistic pet foods offer your furry loved one an extra health boost. However, holistic foods are still too new to the pet industry and are not regulated.

Give Your Pet a Pawsome Life

Going with organic pet food can benefit your furry loved one in many ways.

If your pet suffers from digestive troubles, allergies, or have a weak immune system, they can benefit from organic food. Not only is it much tastier and fresh, but it also contains no fillers or additives.

Natural and holistic pet foods are similar to organic, however, they are not regulated by the USDA and may have unknown ingredients.

Don’t forget to read the labels and packaging closely. Just because a bag claims to have organic ingredients, doesn’t mean that it is fully organic.

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