13 Things To Mystify Office Decor For Motivation

In the world that we live in today, most of us spend most of our day in our offices. This is why it’s important that offices are designed in a way that helps employees stay motivated and productive.

But most offices are usually designed as venues where you can do your work. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they took efforts in helping you feel happier and more creative. To help you find some much-needed inspiration in your office, here are some simple things you can do to add some color and creativity to your working area.

Enhance your accent wall with motivational wall art stickers or decals

It’s a great office idea to liven up your accent wall with stickers or decals of motivational quotes. While neutral colors are usually the ideal choice for office spaces, it doesn’t hurt to have that one wall that offers a bit of bright colors and a lot of inspiration.

It’s also a lot better to be staring at colorful and quirky wall art instead of a dull, blank barrier. Having wall art stickers or decals will also enhance the overall mood and look of your working space.

Stay inspired with motivational frames

Hanging motivational frames on your office walls is another simple and inexpensive way to cheer up a rather dull office area. Hanging these frames on your walls also won’t take up as much time and effort as installing wall stickers or decals.

Another great thing about motivational frames is that, unlike wall stickers, you can easily change them from time to time. If you have a new favorite quote, or if you need more inspiration about other things in life, you can always replace the motivational frames that you have at the moment with the ones that better relate to what you’re currently feeling.

You can also go for one of those creative frame collage layouts, with frames of different sizes artistically installed to make one beautiful gallery of motivational frames, memorable photos, and artistic images. Having one of those on your working space is a great way to have all your favorite photos in your office without them looking like additional clutter that take too much of your desk space.

Liven it up with inspirational canvas art

While having motivational frames in your area is definitely a great office idea, there are times that installing them on your office walls could be a challenge. It’s either the office doesn’t allow drilling halls to their walls or your office area or cubicle does not have a sturdy enough partition for heavy frames.

However, these can be solved by opting for inspirational canvas wall arts instead. These canvas wall arts are much lighter than frames, so installing them is not so difficult to do and sticking them to your walls with double-sided tapes is usually enough. This way, it eliminates the need of using picture hanging hooks or nails that would require damaging your walls by drilling holes.

The best part, these inspirational canvas wall art pieces are not so expensive. There canvas wall arts have different sizes available too, allowing you to make an artsy wall collage without having to spend as much as you would with frames.

Allow your team to add their own flair to their work spaces

Some managers or supervisors find personal items on their team’s desks as clutter. However, you should remember that your team members need inspiration just as much as you do. Allowing them to personalize their areas with whatever photos or décor they want will do a lot of good when it comes to team creativity and productivity.

This is especially true if you have writers, designers and graphic artists among your team. Creative people need a lot of inspirational materials that they are able to relate to in order to come up with new ideas.

Keep it interesting with a bookshelf

Reading books is also a sure-fire way to boost creativity and inspiration especially for writers and bookworms. It’s also great to have some place to organize your reference materials, magazines, and even your favorite reads.

You can also add some books about self-development or ones that are related to your business or the work that you do. These books and magazines provide clients or friends visiting your office with some entertaining reads while lounging in your work area. If there’s not enough space for a bookshelf, you can just place a small coffee table or stool, then put some books and magazines on top of it.

Get a motivational clock

When we’re bored, or we when feel like time is so slow, we almost always look at the clock to check how many hours or minutes are left before we can finally go home. This is why getting a motivational clock is a perfect way to send some much-needed encouragement to employees who feel tired and uninspired.

Let natural light flow in

Natural lighting is not as bright as your usual office lights that sometimes tend to become uncomfortable to the eyes, and not as dim as yellow-tinted lights that can be too dark for working areas. Letting natural light fill your office space also gives it a relaxing, atmospheric vibe that can help employees feel more comfortable and also creative.

Jazz it up with some stylish furniture

Chic and stylish furniture brings some fun and personality to your office, and prevents it from looking so dull and boring. Look for ones that are quirky in style, or you can add a touch of color to your office by investing in an accent furniture piece with bold colors.

Having a stylish lounge in the office will allow people working there to lounge for a while, take short breaks whenever they need to, and come back to their desks ready to go back to work, fortified with some much-needed motivation.

Add some color with fruits

This may sound weird at first, but having a fruits basket in your office presents a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to providing you and your team some creative inspiration.

A fruits basket is a colorful and charming decor you can eat. You can snack on these healthy delights when you feel hungry or when you simply want something to munch on. Fill the basket with a sumptuous selection of mood-boosting fruits such as oranges, lemons, and strawberries that can help you feel your best while at work.

Personalize your desktop

When your surroundings aren’t enough to boost your motivation and creativity, it’s also a good office idea to personalize your desktop. Look for a wallpaper that you won’t get tired of seeing.

It can be an inspirational quote to help you feel motivated whenever you minimize all your windows, a photograph of beautiful scenery that makes you imagine you were there, or even a personal photo of your favorite memory. The important thing is that you feel inspired whenever you look at your computer as you’ll be working on it for most of the day.

Add nature-inspired touches of green

Getting some plants for your office desk present a lot of benefits and may not even know it. Aside from being beautiful desktop decorations, these plants also serve as air filters that can prevent potential health problems that can be caused by dirt and contaminants trapped in the office. Having some plants around you can also reduce one’s feeling of stress and anxiety, improving one’s overall productivity and creativity.

Get crafty

Just because there’s nowhere to hang your favorite wall art, or your desk lacks space for décor, doesn’t mean you have to just let yourself work in boring surroundings. All it takes to personalize your limited space is a little bit of imagination and resourcefulness. Use a little corkboard were you can pin your favorite photos, notes, and inspirational quotes.

You can also use a wire board where you can attach your keepsakes, or a metal board where you can put your cute and colourful magnet collection. There’s really a lot you can do. The important thing is you don’t let a dull and colorless desk space keep you from feeling inspired and imaginative.

Optimize your working area

Get rid of all the clutter. Decide which décor gives you inspiration and which ones feel out of place and just taking up some space. Keep the ones that boost your mood and creativity, and discard the ones that don’t. It will also help to try and re-organize your stuff from time to time.

Make sure the files you usually need and things you usually use are the ones nearest to you. Place them in the drawer that you usually open first out of habit. This will save you so much time in looking for missing files or office items.

These are just some of the things you can do to increase your happiness and motivation while you’re in the office. There are many other things you can do, and it will always depend on what you need or what works best for you.

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