What do your glasses frames say about you?

When you meet someone new and they wear glasses, your eyes are immediately drawn to the person’s frames. Believe it or not, they can actually say a lot about that wearer’s personality.

Are they creative? Intellectual? An introvert or extrovert? Chances are you’ve already made some assumptions about a person from the moment you met.

So, if you wear or are considering buying some new glasses, have you ever thought about what they might say about you? Are your frames an accurate reflection of your personality? Do you even give them much thought when choosing them? Here’s a guide to the impression you may be portraying with your choice of specs.

Thick frames

Thicker frames suggest that you’re confident and happy to be seen in the world. They’re part of your character; a defining feature of your face and you’d feel lost without them. You’re bold, intelligent and not afraid to stand out in a crowd.

Round frames

This type of frame has really increased in popularity over the last few years, despite being a classic vintage look. Young, hip and fashionable men are bringing these types of glasses to the forefront again. If these are your choice of frames, you’re the coolest among your friends and like to be seen as a trendsetter.

Colourful frames

Black and brown have always been the standard colour of glasses frames, but these days you can get a pair of specs in near enough any colour under the sun. Those who opt for bold, bright and colourful frames tend to have an artistic and creative flair about them and want a set of frames that reflect their equally colourful personality.

Cat-eye frames

Quirky, confident, bubbly and unique. If you choose the classic 50s-style cat-eye frames, you’re all about making a statement. You want to be noticed for your carefree attitude and individuality. This type of glasses frame will make you look super intelligent in an office environment too. Which, of course, you are.

Rimless glasses

Rimless glasses create an air of sophistication. You’re smart, intellectual and professional. Perhaps you hold a position of importance and your glasses are there to serve a purpose and to not distract from your authority. You may like to look stylish, but you’re a minimalist too.

Fake glasses

From time to time, some people choose to wear fake glasses, despite having perfectly good eye-sight. Perhaps you’re very fashion-forward and want to complete the look with a pair of designer-inspired frames? Alternatively, it may be for a confidence boost, where your glasses act as a bit of a mask, like an alter ego, or make you feel more intelligent.

How many people do you know that wear glasses? Does their choice of frame reflect their personality? Or if you wear glasses, are they saying the right things about you? If you’re planning on getting new glasses any time soon, maybe you’ll take the above information into consideration before choosing your next frames.

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