When we talk about Leather, it is our ultimate duty to give you complete information about this to help you out so that you can make an educated purchase in future without spending on any unworthy stuff and getting bluffed which is very common. You should have a clear understanding regarding this subject and this is exactly why I am here to tell you each and everything about Leather and Suede Leather. So if you are a beginner, have a quick glimpse on this article to be a pro.



Frome very long time, leather has been used in the making of many objects from clothing to furniture and several other things. It is an elastic durable material made up of several animal rawhides and skins after going through the procedure of tanning. The makers of leather take the outermost layer of the animal skin to make it which is tougher and durable. It is involved in the manufacturing of huge variety of stuff which will be discussed later in the article. It is basically divided into four types based on its quality which include:

  1. Full Grain Leather

  2. Top Grain Leather

  3. Corrected Grain Leather

  4. Bonded Leather


Suede leather is manufactured by the underside of animal skin usually form lamb but calf, goat and deer are also very commonly used to make it. Just like leather, it is also involved in the making of a number of products which will be discussed in the section of uses. Unlike leather, the makers of sued use the inner layer of animal skin which is not as tough as the outermost surface used to make leather. Splits from thick hides of deer and cow are suede as well but they have a shaggy nap because of its fibre content. Suede has a raised nap texture that is why it is more delicate and softer side of leather.



Leather goes through multiple processes for the manufacturing of clothes; bags, footwear, furniture, sports equipment and tools. It is stronger because it is made up of the hardest and strongest upper layer of animal skin.


Sued leather is a kind of frizzy leather with napped finish. It is also used in the manufacturing of clothing; bags, footwear and other items but it is made up of inner side of the animal skin which is more pliable and softer than the outermost layer that is why it is not as strong as leather.



As we all know leather is produced from the skin and rawhides of animals so its worth depends upon the animal which is being used in the procedure of manufacturing. For example, leather made from the skin of alligator is much more expensive than most of the leathers and it is indeed more expensive than sued.


Every leather has a finished side and a sued side because the outermost layer of the animal is not being used in its making so the inner side of the leather is the suede side which is softer and smoother. Precisely, it is produced from the leather splits gone through different procedures that are why it is less expensive.



Leather includes the outermost hardest layer of the animal skin that is why it’s durability increases. It gets better with time. Once you purchase it you will not have to buy a new one until 10-20 years. It develops a patina over time which gives it a distinctive look.


It does not include the outermost hardest and toughest layer of the animal skin that is why it is softer and smoother and can be easily damaged, this is the reason its durability is less than leather. The tensile strength of leather is much higher than sued.



Breathability is one of the most important qualities of leather which no other material contains. It is basically the tendency to expel moisture in vapour form and this quality makes leather a unique stuff. However breathability depends upon the type of leather. Porous, Sensitive aniline leather has comparatively higher breathability than heavily pigmented car leather. So it varies depending upon the material of the leather.


Sued is strong but not as much as leather. It is made from the leather split which means it is cut from the thickness of the leather and does not include the top most layer of the skin which is the toughest and that is why it’s breathability is much more higher. It is not waterproof, it can be permanently stained by just a few drops of water which is the main characteristic of real sued while fake sued is water repellent.


Leather and suede both are made up of animal skin and rawhides but the difference is that leather includes the outermost layer of the animal skin while sued does not include the outermost surface. It is manufactured by the inner softer and smoother layer. It is strong but not as much as leather. Leather and suede both are involved in the making of various objects like clothing, footwear, bags, furniture and so on. But the difference comes in terms of durability because leather is stronger that is why the stuff made by leather is more durable than sued. Leather has a smooth, shinny and porous surface while sued leather has a nap finish due to fibre content. Leather is not 100% waterproof but you can definitely wear it during rain though you have to clean it immediately after reaching your destiny because if leather is left with moisture for a long time it can be damaged. While Suede can easily beharmed by just a few drops of water. So you have to keep all these things in mind while making a decision about buying leather or sued. Rest depends upon your choice and budget but now you know enough to make an educated purchase regarding these two.

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