10 Musician Celebrities Who Vape

In 2018, about 41 million people were vaping around the world.

You may have some friends or family that vape, but with that many people vaping, celebrities have also started to jump in on this trend.

Want to look to the world of rock stars to be your vaping idols? Take a look at this list of musical celebrities who vape.

  1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, the famous musician and also actress used to smoke all of the time, but once vaping became popular, she switched to that.

Ever since she made the change, she hasn’t gone back.

  1. Zayn Malik

If you used to listen to One Direction, the popular British boy band, you may also recognize Zayn Malik. The band split up and went their own ways, but each of the singers still continued to make music.

Zayn Malik has gone through a lot of changes in his personal life, including the breakup of One Direction.

However, he also made the change of switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping. He has been following a trend of trying to be healthier and more focused on taking care of your body.

Now, he can be seen in public with a few clouds of smoke from his vape following behind him.

  1. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell was a popular singer born in London, but now you may recognize him from popular talent TV shows like American Idol, The X Factor, America’s Got Talent, and Britain’s Got Talent. 

In 2012, he experienced a heart attack. After that, he decided that he was going to switch to e-cigarettes and start using vape pen mods. This lets him enjoy a healthier lifestyle so that he could avoid having another heart attack.

Other reports say that Cowell also started vaping so that he could keep his son, Eric, healthy as well.

E-cigarettes and vaping can be a great, healthy alternative to smoking, but the vapes don’t always last forever. If you need replacement coils for your vape, check out this link.

  1. Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood is the guitarist for Rolling Stones that came from England.

Even though he is heavily involved in that rock n’ roll life, he has recently traded cigarettes for a vape pen. Fans and paparazzi have seen him smoking from the pen on multiple occasions.

  1. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is a Hawaiian musician who has slowly become more and more famous throughout the years.

He is famous for songs such as “Just the Way You Are,” “Grenade,” and “Uptown Funk.” He has also won several Grammy and MTV awards for his performances and music.

Bruno Mars uses electric cigarettes because his mother had passed away from a brain aneurysm.

Using this as a wake-up call, Bruno Mars said that he was going to quit smoking and give up tobacco to help his health.

  1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry has always loved to stand out and be different from the rest of the crowd. You can normally find her dressed in colorful, unique outfits. She has dyed her hair all kinds of colors from blue to green to pink.

In addition to all her popular music, like “Firework,” “California Gurls,” and “I Kissed a Girl,” she also created her own perfume line.

In addition to all of that, she connects with her fans over social media and is very open to them.

The paparazzi has taken several pictures of her using a vape pen as well. She was once married to Russell Brend, who most likely had her quit smoking if she ever smoked cigarettes, to begin with.

There are multiple theories out there wondering whether she did or not, but regardless, now she religiously sticks to her vape pens.

  1. Christina Milian

Christina Milian was born in New Jersey and is a popular singer from Dip it Low. 

She has been very open with the fact that she vapes and actually has a passion for it as well.

If you check out her Instagram, you can see that she doesn’t try to hide the fact that she enjoys vaping. In fact, there are multiple posts with her vaping.

  1. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been a popular subject in the news lately with her recent breakup with Liam Hemsworth and the drama surrounding that.

However, the star from Tennessee has appeared in several movies but has also had several popular songs that you probably recognize. Some of her popular songs include “Party in the U.S.A.,” “We Can’t Stop,” and “Wrecking Ball.”

She has won many awards and has been around since the early days of Hannah Montana.

Despite some of her crazy life choices and lifestyle, she has been seen using a vape on several different occasions. She has even pulled out a vape in the middle of some of her performances, so she is very open about the fact that she vapes.

  1. Snoop Dog

Snoop Dog has been a popular rapper from California with several hit songs.

He has many fans who religiously follow him, but did you know that in addition to loving gin and juice, he also smokes his vape?

In fact, he loves e-cigarettes so much that he even started creating his own brand of a vaporizer.

  1. Britney Spears

Britney Spears became famous in the mid-2000s for shaving her head and having a public mental breakdown, but since then she has seemed to get her life together.

Now that she has children, she switched from smoking cigarettes to smoking only vapes. She hopes to keep her children healthy bt doing this, but she will also help herself stay healthy as well.

Find More Celebrities Who Vape

These are only a few of the celebrities who vape; there are plenty more out there as the vaping trend gains more popularity.

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the celebrity news but don’t worry because we have you covered.

Make sure you check out our other blog posts for the most recent updates in the music industry!

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