Method to Compress mp4 videos

We have to discuss that how we can compressed a mp4 format video and what are the main methods to how to compress mp4 format video .Before discussing the method to compressed a mp4 format video just enlighten on mp4 little bit .

Basically mp4 was introduced by a company Moving pictures expert grouped which is well known as (MPEG) .Mp4 is an video container format which is usually used to store audio video subtitles and images etc. .Mp4 is very common and it is used in every mobile devices .

Why we convert mp4 ?

Actually there are some reasons due to which we have to convert our video . The first and the most common reason is that the large files takes more space. So if anyone wants to save any large video file he have to delete some of his already existing files .

The second reason of mp4 compressing is that larger the files take much time for uploading . So if we have to upload a video file which is larger than it will take more time .

The third and the most important reason is that when we are using cloud storage we have to pay for it . So , if we compressed our mp4 format video it will take less space and we can store more files .

Now the main topic is to understand and know about the methods that how we can compressed our mp4 format video ?

In order to understand this let discus about the methods of mp4 format video compressing .

At some level video can not be compressed without suffering of the loss of quality , it’s practicable to shrink the file size notably and conserve sensible image quality . There are lot of such software’s on play store and on istore.

The main thing that we should know that the rate of compression rely on your choice of bitrate and preset .

So , to compress mp4 format video you have to follow these steps .

1 : Adding file to mp4 compressor:

The first and the most important step to compress your mp4 format video is to add the file to mp4 compressor . In mostly every software , in the program interface , on top left part, a button will be seen of “Add media ” .Then click add video button. .After that , a dialog box will appear. choose the video you wish to compress and then click the  Open button.

2 : Choose certain settings:

In the second step , you have to choose the preset . To choose target preset ,in the endof  interface , there is a tab in every software of video tab . click the video tab and then click the mp4 group option . After doing this , choose the presetting which you desire according to  codec and resolution, you will be able to see the changed resolution in added file option. If the new resolution of your video seems  highyou can go for lower resolution . But remember that it will also effect your quality.

3 : Adjusting the bitrate:

The third step is to adjust the bitrate . It is an optional step . It’s depend on the user if he want’s to do this can use it otherwise he can skip it too. 

Basically , the size of the  video and its quality depends on bitrate . after choosing proper preset ,the output of  your video will be smaller. For furthur compression of video , make the value of bitrate less manually ,y this  your video may suffer with bad quality of picture. For this purpose, you can select value by clicking file size .You can see also how a video will look by clicking on Look sample button .

4 : Starting To compress mp4 file:

Choose the output folder in which you want to store video and in the last click on start compressing button and your video will start compressing     

This is the method of How to Compress MP4 File. You can also look at sites such as

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