Controversial Facts About Kanye West

You probably know Kanye West as a huge hip hop king. He has 8 consecutive number 1 albums, after all.

But Kanye isn’t known just for his huge success in the music industry. Throughout the years, he’s displayed some strange behavior, which he’ll no doubt go down in history for.

Curious? Then take a look below for some controversial facts about Kanye West.

Paparazzi Aggression

The Paparazzi are known for being aggressive, but Kanye dishes it right back to them. In one of his songs, he says he “hates them more than Nazis.”

But Kanye isn’t just all words and no action. In fact, he’s had several charges of battery and even attempted grand theft. The most infamous incident was in LAX, where he was caught tackling a photographer on the ground.

Feud With Taylor Swift

If you’re old enough to read this, then you might be old enough to remember his famous words: “Imma let you finish, but…”

This happened at the 2009 MTV VMAs, where he jumped in while Taylor Swift was giving her acceptance speech. He didn’t feel she was deserving of the award; instead, he thought Beyonce should’ve won Best Female Video. Understandably, Taylor wasn’t very happy.

Now, 10 years later, they’re still in the midst of a feud. They’re both probably not going to let up anytime soon.

Recording With His Jaw Wired Shut

No, he didn’t do this as a stunt. Back in October 2002, before he made it big, he was on his way home from a late-night recording session. After such a long day, plus it being so late, Kanye fell asleep at the wheel.

This resulted in him driving straight into traffic, which was a very serious accident. Not only did he have to have reconstructive surgery for his face, but he also had to have his jaw wired shut. At this time, he had to pay for everything since he had no health insurance.

He was so passionate about his music that he refused to take a break. He had an electronic drum machine brought to the hospital while he was recovering so he could work on his tracks. And thus, he recorded an entire song while his jaw was wired shut.

Career as a Porn Star

Did you know Kayne considered a career in porn as well as music? Apparently, he thought it would’ve been a fun job to have.

Of course, he says he only thought of this before he was engaged. Now? He’s happily married to Kim Kardashian West, so all notions of becoming a porn star are out the window.

“Gay Fish” and “Fishsticks”

If you watch South Park, then you’ll know what this reference is. In this particular episode, one of the characters writes a joke that’s a play on the word “fish sticks” (it sounds like “fish dicks”).

The joke makes it big, and eventually, comedian Carlos Mencia tells this joke to Kanye. However, he’s the only person who doesn’t get this joke and becomes angry.

This episode was clearly a poke at Kanye’s ego since the cartoon version claims to be a genius and “voice of a generation.” The real Kayne said the episode hurt his feelings but admitted it was funny as well.

His Late Mother

Back in 2007, Kayne’s mother decided to go through with plastic surgery. Many people were shocked that a woman of her age would decide such a thing (things have really changed since then).

What many people forget is all surgery carries its risks, even cosmetic ones. Sadly, his mother passed away from complications from her surgery.

To honor her memory, Kanye named his creative agency company DONDA, which was her name.

Adidas Yeezy Shoes

The Adidas Yeezy shoes are a line of footwear started by Kanye in February 2015. “Yeezy” and “Ye” are both nicknames for him. There are various Yeezy options, but these shoes usually retail at over $200, so they’re no ordinary sneakers.

You’d think that since 2018 was a year filled with strange and bizarre happenings in the Kanye world, it’d have a direct impact on how his sneakers did, right? After all, during this year, these hard to find shoes became so much easier to get ahold of.

But surprisingly, the availability of these sneakers had nothing to do with how Kanye was behaving. Instead, it was because Adidas decided to drop a million of these shoes, which was a record number.

Kayne’s Talk With President Trump

In 2018, Kayne was invited to the White House for a personal chat during lunch with President Trump on prison reform. Before the lunch meeting, both were prepped on the subjects to cover.

But while they were on camera, Kayne decided to launch into a 10-minute speech that covered a wide range of strange subjects; one of which was the concept of alternative universes.

He Wants to Be President

Back in 2015, Kayne spoke at the MTV VMAs. At the end, he shocked everyone by announcing he was going to run for president in 2020.

Considering we currently have Donald Trump as the president, it doesn’t seem that crazy that we’d get hip hop star as the next one. Nowadays, anything’s possible, it seems.

Surprise Your Friends With These Controversial Facts About Kanye West

As you can see, Kanye West is certainly a colorful character.

So the next time your friends bring up this hip hop star, you can surprise them with a few controversial facts about Kanye West. They’ll definitely be impressed with your knowledge of trivia!

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