Understanding the Online Gaming Economics

Online games are video games that are facilitated by the use of the internet. you can play these online games  via mobile phones, computers or any other digital device. The modern technology has helped in the development of visual graphics that are used to modify the features of any particular online game. This has brought the contemporary population to realize that online games are not only fun but also a source of income.

Eve-online company

As an economist, one has to get to the level whereby you know what is to be done when there is inflation within then trading system. A famous economist, Eyjolfur Guomundsson, works for the Icelandic company. His job is to observe the virtual economy of Eve online multiplayer video game. This game constitutes a world where players develop their spaceships and travel across the galaxy of 7,500 star systems. As they traverse through the universe, they are expected to purchase and sell raw materials, this creating there won fluctuating markets.

There are more than 400,000 players who participate in this game. This number of players breeds the likelihood of inflation, deflation and even recessions to occur. It also causes Mr. Eyjolfur to have several analysts to ensure that Eve online is always running smoothly.

In the contemporary world, massively multiplayer video game companies have had to bring aboard an economist who can help. This is due to the fear that without oversight, the games’ economy can go extremely badly like the world of Second Life in 2007, which cost players $750,000.

Running a virtual economy

Game designers require financial advice, while academic economists are usually keen on analyzing video games. Agen Domino QQ Online virtual world gives economists the allowance to study concepts such as non-fractional reserve banking that is an alternative to the current banking system. This makes it easy to run the economy by putting many experiments in the video game.

Valve hired an economist who had become famous for his brilliant analyses of Greece’s debt woes and euros crisis. The Valve is a game company that oversees an extensive network of games that run on a common platform called Steam. Moreover, Valve wanted to develop a link that players can trade virtual items even though there are different Steam games. This is why they felt the need of an economist who will help in developing a game involving players. Most importantly, it will also help in developing a system that will not get out of control.

As mentioned earlier, the lack of keen observance can result in challenging experiences in some games. For instance, the banking crisis that Second Life experienced in 2007 affected many players as they had put their money in virtual banks that turned around to other investments.


In conclusion, the virtual economy is developing and becoming more enjoyable at the same time challenging. Engaging economists will help the development of Agen Domino QQ Online games that have multiplayer. Therefore,  encouraging more participation from players.

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