9 celebrities that support recycling and the environment

People all over the world have learned about the issues the environment is dealing with, and awareness has been spread on the topics of pollution and climate change. More individuals have started to acknowledge the importance of sustainable living, and green organizations across the globe are implementing programs and taking measurements to protect the environment. Considering the worrying predictions that have been made on the matter, it’s understandable why the subject of climate change has become such a powerful one.

Some well-known celebrities’ have joined the fight against pollution, and internationally-known names are included on the list of famous people who are currently doing great work for the environment. Wondering what stars are most involved in supporting the environment? Here are 9 green celebrities trying to make an impact:

Leonardo DiCaprio

You couldn’t talk about celebrity activists without first mentioning Leonardo DiCaprio, considering how vocal he has been over the last couple of years in regards to climate change. The fact that he used his acceptance speech at the Oscars to discuss the topic of climate change clearly shows how involved the movie star actually is.

DiCaprio told the millions of people watching the ceremony “Climate change is real, it is happening now.” But Leo’s actions don’t stop here. His activism journey dates back to 1998, when he established the “Earth’s last wild places and fostering a harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world.” foundation. Now, DiCaprio serves several environmental boards, starting with Global Green USA and up to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The actor not only makes donations to green causes regularly, but also drives a Prius and has promised to forgo private jets. Leonardo remains a powerful example for everyone, and has inspired others from his branch to fight against climate change.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep’s green approach goes back to the ‘80s, when she advocated and joined the Natural Resource Defense Council to boost awareness around environmental concerns. The actress has done quite a few powerful things since becoming a green activist.  One example is the campaign started with Wendy Gordon that aimed to raise tougher pesticide standards.

With numerous donations and strong collaborations, Meryl Streep continues to play a role in environmental protection, promoting recycling and other green practices. As experts from Mil-tek Belgique state, many organizations, businesses, and individuals alike have started to take waste disposal, recycling and other environmental practices seriously, and Meryl Streep is one great example.

Mother of two and actress, Meryl Streep is also part of the Children Health Environment Coalition.

Ben Affleck

In 2010, Ben Affleck started Eastern Congo Initiative, together with Whitney William. That was the move that determined him to look further into agricultural productivity increases and other affairs that promoted ethical production of foods.

Ben Affleck continues to promote sustainable living, and is an inspiring Hollywood figure, setting an example to his millions of followers on social media.

Cate Blanchet

Sydney Theater Company’s co-artistic director and actress, Cate Blanchet, together with her spouse, Andrew Upton were the major figures in the project of Greening the Wharf. The movement involved the installation of 1,900 solar panels the Wharf Theatre at Sydney’s Walsh Bay, which provided 70 percent of the entire theater’s electricity. She also promoted and directly handled the recycling and reusing of theater props and costumes.

Cate Blanchet continues to be quite vocal in regards to environmental issues, and more impressive actions are awaited from the Oscar-winning actress.

Channing Tatum

We’ve all seen him in Magic Mike, but what few actually know about Channing Tatum is that he is quite dedicated to environmental causes. The actor has supported the organization known as PlatMed, which works with indigenous peoples in the Amazon, aiming to create awareness around the rapid encroaching destruction of the rainforest. Channing Tatum wanted to be part of the movement created for the effective preservation of the Amazonian plant medicine.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is already known for his countless humanitarian efforts. However, the actor hasn’t stopped there with his good actions, being a long-term environmentalist and participating in the fight against pollution and climate change. Brad has donated quite a lot of money to different green causes. Wildlife and natural resources conservations are two examples of campaigns he has focused on over the last few years. 5 million dollars have been donated to the U.S. Green Building Council’s project alone, which clearly shows that the actor is 100% involved in environmentally-friendly actions.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson, being an UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, seems to always be on the lookout for an important movement or great cause to support. The actress has a passion for the environment and never fails to show her interest on the matter. Over the years, Emma has promoted seasonable clothing lines. She has collaborated in the past with People Tree, a fair-trade fashion label. During her Beauty and the Beast tour, Emma Watson wore sustainable clothing pieces, publicly illustrating her commitment to sustainability and green living.

 Pierce Brosnan

Most famous for his James Bond role, Pierce Brosnan is one beloved Hollywood actor. However, Pierce isn’t known for his acting career only. The star has joined multiple environmental-conscious boards, a few examples being the California Protection Network,  Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Most recently, together with his wife – Keely Brosnan – the former James Bond star has put most of his effort to saving the world’s whale population.

Jessica Alba

The actress Jessica Alba started The Honest Company back in 2012 with the main purpose of providing families with non-toxic, eco-friendly household products. She promotes the reuse of materials, minimization of waste and the reduction of chemicals in the work environment.

It’s great to see influential figures from Hollywood give a positive example on sustainability and environmental protection. Each one of the stars mentioned above has been actively participating in fighting climate change by supporting various eco-friendly organizations, causes and movements. Besides the stars mentioned above, many others work towards promoting sustainability.

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