INTERVIEW: Green Bay’s Musical Enchantress Rändi Fay

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Hi Rändi, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been awesome! I have been in this explosion of creative energy, finishing up writing the last three songs for our CD “Intuition,” getting everything together for the release of “Lone Wolf,” planning and filming the video, and on top of that launching our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Nothing like creation to keep your adrenaline up!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Lone Wolf”?

“Lone Wolf” is a song about the challenge of building a bridge of trust as a romance evolves from infatuation to love. That terrifying, uncomfortable place, where you discover you love another, and feel ready to give yourself entirely to him or her, but you are both still holding back, afraid of the emotional risk.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Not really- more a swirl of intention. I remember being bent on writing a super passionate love song, simply about giving myself without restraint to another in love. I started writing the first verse of this song, so intimate and intense! I came up with the line “you whisper secrets with your eyes” thinking how beautiful that is, in a friendship, in a romance, when you are at the comfort level of understanding each other with a glance…BUT-as happens in songs-that one line created the turning point in how “Lone Wolf” played out. What about when you are at the point in a relationship, shifting from pure chemistry to more enduring commitment, but you are still second guessing that you might be misreading cues? When what feels like a knowing glance still carries secrets you may or may not understand as you are still protecting yourself from total vulnerability that committed love requires? “Lone Wolf” became a song about capturing something you want desperately but feels evasive-that weird chess game of trying to guess where the other is in terms of commitment and trust-mustering up the courage to ask: please jump off this cliff into love with me-I promise I will be there for you when we land! The song is better for this twist- universal-we all go through this, even in long standing relationships! Emotional intimacy can be so tenuous.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

The filming process was chaos swept into a miracle. Because of the torrents of rain scheduled in the midwest, we ended up having to reschedule the shoot ahead of the expected date, with everyone having to scramble to get to the locations that are up to 2 hours away for many of us. We ended up losing some hours of filming, making every moment precious! Many shots were only one or two takes-I had no idea if the crew was capturing good material or not! We ran on faith, that’s for sure! Luckily, after throwing a wrench in our plans, nature was so accommodating on the day of the shoot. The sky was a perfect pearly gray for the garden scenes, and the sun broke through at 4:00 pm to give us wonderful angled light in the woodland scenes. And then that sunset…I am just saying wow! The chemistry on the set was incredibly “can-do” and supportive. I hope to make another with this crew! We need a sequel…and a prequel! The story is so delicious.

The single comes off your new album Intuition – what’s the story behind the title?

I started germinating this idea of a concept album (who does those anymore??) two summers ago, as I began writing lyrics to the first songs “Lone Wolf,” “Serenity,” “Mystified” and “Uncaged.” I initially referred to it as “Gemini” as I am a Gemini, and the consistent thread through the songs was struggling with inner duality-heart verses head-trying to let go of the stories we tell ourselves, of the mental ties that bind, of all of the barriers we must overcome to forge a close, trusting bond with other person. I realized that this duality is not limited to people who are Gemini, though we may be the most guilty in publicly acting it out! Everyone struggles with an emotional landscape, a demon on one shoulder, an angel on the other. Remove the judgment inherent in “demon and angel” and replace each word with “heart” and “head.” We all struggle in knowing what is right for us. Overall, our answers lie in trusting our intuition to guide each of us on our own personal path. We may make “mistakes,” but each step is furthering our own authenticity. Silk is more beautiful for the flaws, and love is more beautiful for the imperfections that define it as uniquely ours. So INTUITION became the guiding concept and name of the album!

How was the recording and writing process?

DYNAMIC! I wrote lyrics, then re-wrote lyrics under the guise of songwriting coach Shane Adams (I can always learn more!). Then I sent the lyrics to co-writer and producer Aaron, and re-wrote again! Aaron always wanted to know in one sentence what the song meant. That is a fantastic exercise! So we honed and clarified, and then he wrote incredible music for the song. He then sent me the tracks and I usually had a few moments of panic because his work is so intricate! I realize my lyrics are as well, so we both pushed each other in that! Often, as I learned the song, more rewriting occurred, to blend even further with the mood, the message and the melody.

Recording is always an adventure! Aaron and I worked together on tone and interpretation, expression, emotions, all resulting in my performance. And then came the background vocals and harmonies. Oh boy-that was aural gymnastics! Fortunately I have a pretty good ear and could hear most of the tricky tonal patterns Aaron was going for. We probably put in 4-6 hours of recording just the vocals for each song!

What role does Wisconsin play in your music?

Wisconsin has brought me musicians to work with and learn from, all the way from my childhood through now: a complete spectrum of talent, from rockers who can shred a lick to classical virtuosos.

What aspect of relationships did you get to explore on this record?

Oh wow-what didn’t we? Hmmm: Isolation, insecurity, temptation, lust, infatuation, avoidance, enchantment, self-doubt, confusion, empowerment, self-awakening, passion, tenderness, joy, anticipation, frustration, depression, anger, disillusionment, yearning, regret, cherishing, devotion, ever-lasting love. There is a happy ending!!

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. But one place that seems to be especially fertile for me is the town of Telluride in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. But honestly inspiration strikes at the most unlikely times! Hiking, skiing, running, mowing the lawn, conversations with others and with myself in my head. Books! Experience.

Any plans to hit the road?

That would require another Indiegogo campaign! We have discussed playing this music live, and it is entirely possible! Just cost prohibitive for me to fund on my own.

What else is happening next in Randi Fay’s world?

Thanks for asking! I am super engaged with finishing this record, and filming more video to support it as funding allows. There is such a story in each of the songs! I am also working feverishly on my Indiegogo campaign throughout October. Please consider backing us! There is a ton more information on “Intuition” and the development of our symphonic electronica sound on the funding site!

Watch for the release of “My Grown Up Christmas List” November 26, a beautiful symphonic electronica arrangement and recording of a favorite Christmas song that is ever-timely.

The release of “Intuition” will begin with the release of two more singles 1/11/20 and 1/31/20 culminating in the release of Intuition” on 2/20/20!

Watch Lone Wolf here

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