How to Use a Gas Grill: The Ultimate Guide

For some people, operating a gas grill may seem like a “no brainer” piece of work. But since not everyone is lucky enough to own and use a gas grill, we are here to shed some light. If you just bought a gas grill or planning to buy one for the first time but don’t know how to use it, relax. We’ve got you covered when it comes to gas grills. So before you break anything and waste your hard-earned money, check out this ultimate guide we prepared for you:

  • Inspect Your Fuel Supply

First things first, always check your fuel and grease management system before you start grilling. Put your safety first by making sure that your gas tank doesn’t have any hole, crack, bump, or any kind of damage. To make sure that there is no gas leak; apply a small amount of soapy water to its hoses and joints. If you there’s no bubble anywhere, that only means that your gas system is safe and ready for grilling.

  • Clean the Grill: Before and After

No leaks? Good. Now, make sure your grill is clean before you put your food on it. Cleaning it before and after grilling will not only keep it in perfect condition but also avoid flare-ups and incessant smoke. Incessant smoke and flare-ups may burn your food outside right away even before it is well done from the inside. Therefore, it can also impart a bad flavor in your grilled food and mess up your efforts.

If there were leftovers on your grill, turn it on for 10-15 minutes and let the excess grease burn off. Apparently, not all grease burn off during the high-temperature clean it’s best to use a grill brush and remove stuck food. However, this will push debris into the grill so you need to remove the grades too at least 2x a year.

  • Prepare All Items for Grilling

Things can get faster and easier if you already have everything you need near you. Instead of rummaging in the kitchen every second, prepare all the tools in one place before you start. Then, you can also start preparing the food to be grilled before you start the fire.

  • Preheat the Grill

Now, take it easy and don’t get too excited. Preheat your grill first once you’re done preparing the food. Turn all your burners on high then close the hood for 15 to 20 minutes to stabilize the temperature. This will help cook your food evenly and prevent it from burning. Once you’re ready for oiling, remember to oil the food, not the grill. The fire will just burn off the oil at high temperatures. Instead, close the lid and set the control knobs to your needed cooking temperature.

  • Using More than 1 Burner

Don’t know what to do with the remaining burners in your grill? That’s easy! Just divide your grill into two sides: the hot side and the warm side. For best results, set one side to medium hot-hot while the other is on medium low-medium heat. Regardless, you can change it anytime based on the food you will grill and how you want it to taste.

This division will help you maximize your burners in the best way. You can sear your food on one side then finish cooking other well-prepared food on the other side. If one side gets too hot enough to burn your food, you can transfer them easily to the other side.

  • Grill Like a Pro

Whether you are a pro or not, just keep the consistency when grilling to make your food tasty and satisfying. Start by lining up your food on the gas grill from left-right, and back-front. Nudge 1-2 pieces a little to see if they are ready to be turned on the other side. If they are still stuck on the grill, give them more time. Once it’s time to flip them, continue the process by starting on the left-right, and back-front.

  • Close the Hood

As much as possible, keep the hood closed to cook your food faster but evenly especially under low heat. Also, this will give a better flavor to your food.

  • The Final Wipe

Once you’re done, get back to item #2 and clean the grill before giving it a final wipe. The oil will protect your grill from rusts while it’s in storage.


Whenever you use your gas grill, don’t forget to follow safety precautions. Regardless of what or how much food you need to grill, always check its fuel tank and clean it properly. Proper cleaning and maintenance can make your gas grill last for years and perform at its best. Lastly, never rush by setting the knob on high to avoid burning your food without cooking it evenly.

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