How to move house when you’re pregnant

Moving itself is a nightmare and we know it but when you find yourself in the limbo of shifting to the new place while being pregnant then it becomes even worse. It is already hard enough for you to carry your own weight but adding on the stress of packing and lifting can literally be detrimental to your health if you are close to the due date. But there are few things which you can do to avoid to let it go from bad to worse and we are about to list them down.

  • Make sure it is safe

First and foremost, you should be sure that the health of baby and yourself is not at risk while you are at it, the moving. Pregnancy is a natural thing and most of the woman go through it but it is not the same for everyone. Some woman are physically strong enough to continue to do the daily chores until the due date while other might need proper care and bed rest.

But it is not up to you to decide which one are you. First of all go to your doctor and let him know about your plans of moving. It is likely that he will perform a complete medical check up and based on that be recommending you to either actively go ahead with the shifting process or to postpone it until you have delivered the baby. Remember that nothing is more important than two human lives so listen to your doctor and only actively pursue moving to the new place if he advises you so. And if the doctor hesitates even a little to give you a green light, just abort ‘the mission moving to new house’.

  • Plan everything ahead of time

You should be giving yourself at least 3-4 weeks ahead of the due date to be over with the entire ordeal of house removals. It is important in this regard that you plan and implement way ahead of time. If you have to do it all by yourself, sit down for a day and list down the entire timeline of the plan. It is likely that you can forget doing some important tasks therefore keep the list with you all the time and follow it.

Remember to give yourself a couple of extra days to make sure the delay in the plan due to any unforeseen reason is accounted for. You should have the packing, booking the conveyance and every other small detail already planned. If you are not short of resources, the best thing to do in this case is to hire professional removal companies instead of doing it yourself. It will make your life much easier.

  • Get yourself some help

Ask the close ones around you to lend you a hand with all the moving. The more the merrier. It will not only decrease the physical labor involved in the entire process but also take the psychological toll of your mind. Both types of stresses are not healthy for you and your unborn baby. Friends are there for you no matter what, and given your condition they will be more than happy to go out of your way to help you out. So do not hesitate and call them.

  • Pack systematically

Whether it is you who is doing the packing or its your friends doing it and you are just supervising the whole operation while some moving company like Bradford Removals does the packing for you, it is very important to keep things in the order. All the boxes should be keeping things of one sort only. The boxes should be properly marked to ease out the unpacking process.

  • Keep important things close

Remember that you can always be going in the state of medical condition. Even if you are in perfect shape physically, the job itself of moving around can be really hard on you. Always keep your medical records and documents at a place where they can be easily found. The essential medical kit should be kept with you in the personal bag all the time. X

  • Know the area

You must have in mind all the hospitals and related facilities which can be reached out in case of an emergency. It will be hard, time consuming and possibly life threatening for you to look for hospital in the new area where you have moved. A thought might pop up in your mind that it is fairly easy to find out the nearest hospital using the google map. But here is the catch. It happens many times that google enlists the places which have been shut down or moved to the new spot. Though efficient in many regards, the search engine does take some time to update new information. You can lose crucial minutes in reaching a place navigating the google map only to find out that it is not functional. In your condition these few minutes can be critical hence personally confirm the location and viability of medical facilities in the area.

  • Look after yourself

Your primary focus should be your own health. Let the helpers do the heavy lifting and you should keep yourself confined to the supervisory role. Keep yourself hydrated and maintain the blood sugar. You should always have water and something ready to eat in your personal bag all the time. If you know that you would not get the time to eat later on, gulp in as much food while you can. It will prove to be handy later on.

So, these are the few basic things you should add on to your checklist. Once again, if finances are not a major constraint, given your condition it is advisable to use the services of professional movers for moving. It is going to make the job a lot more easier for you as instead of keeping all the above precautions in mind, you can just sit back and take care of your health and be done with it.

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