Adara Releases “Alien”

With a pulsating music bed, experimental beats and the voice of a pop siren, Adara lights the way in an other-worldly auditory experience in the earworm, “Alien.” The Nashville-based singer went to her fans for the track’s theme and inspiration. They returned to her intimate thoughts and often-heartbreaking realities. “Alien” is a rallying cry against bullying. Her song is a heartfelt, roaringly positive song, that humbly reminds the listener one is not alone in the grand space of things.


One of the things so pressing about this song – besides the universal message that we need to celebrate our differences, is the way the music becomes another character in the story. Adara’s voice is charming, fresh. She’s somewhere in the range of Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, and Jennifer Lopez. Generally speaking, she does show influences of Lady Gaga and power pop duo, The Chainsmokers. Fans of all those artists will want to take a listen to “Alien.” It’s the way her voice cascades alongside the interesting beats and the interesting tonal avenues that makes this song a must-be-heard. The underlying music beats start out dark, almost scary. Adara’s voice is a brightness and the beats and rhythm becomes euphoric.

After a few listens, it really sticks and the infectious chorus: “you try to cut me open underneath the lights…/ I really don’t belong here / do you know what it’s like / I-I-I’m just an alien.” Adara cements her sincerity with lyrics like “They’ll never see what they can be.” It’s an endearing song, and the tempo is appreciated. If this were a slower song, I’m not sure it would have such an uplifting result. Adara is definitely emotionally connected to her listener.

Adara - Alien (Official Music Video)

The accompanying video to “Alien” is directed by Cooper Brown. Adara, along with Brown, crafted the storyline. It’s a mesmerizing, fast-paced exploration of words and phrases that make us humans feel isolated. Adara’s white body suit is sometimes covered in these words that hurt; other times she’s drowning amongst hands and arms pushing her underwater. The video ends with a plethora of fans carrying blue lights; lined up the lights read: You’re Not Alone.

Overall, Adara is an incredibly refreshing artist. Her voice is perfect for pop- and while some might say that she sounds like run-of-the-mill, I don’t think that’s the case. She may not showcase the range of Adele in “Alien” but she certainly puts her stamp on an emotional journey. She stands out because she’s a positive artist. It’s an instant rapport with her. She’s not the pretentious rocker of the past; she’s definitely on her way to increasing her already rabid fanbase. According to her homepage, her social media presence and Spotify streams are all organic. The word is getting out and one doesn’t have to be in outer-space to realize Adara’s song, “Alien” is something we all need to remember; the song is a reminder of the power of music and the universal message. Adara is just the rocket ship transporting the message and the moving music.


by Loren Sperry

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