Steve Cherry

Steve Cherry’s New Track With Mileaux Is Awesome

 Steve Cherry makes a triumphant outing on 2Dutch with his new single “Your Eyes.” We thoroughly enjoyed his “Taking Over,” and now the musician and producer brings a tune to the label that features Mileaux.

Progressive and subtle in equal measure, the expressive tones of Mileaux provide an abundance of texture, whilst creating a slow-burning drift towards its melodic climax.

Cherry says of its meaning: “Milo started to sing phonetically about ‘’your eyes’’ and that really stuck with us. We built on that concept and came up with the feeling of lying – if you look into someone’s eyes you can see or feel that someone is lying to you. It felt like a very natural process working on this track. It has a melodramatic feel to it and Milo’s vocals really capture the feeling we intended. I hope that the people who listen to the track can feel our intentions and the vibe it brings with it.”

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