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The computational theory of the 1930s was only solving complex mathematical equations using a binary code that was electrically driven into an aerodynamic calculate. It has been over 75 years since the first computer was invented. Its rapid evolution has achieved infinite programmability of data from all disciplines. Over the decades, computing technologies have been integrated into our homes and office.

We are now owners of smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and smart watches. The average user is spending 4 to 6 hours a day on their smartphone that is up to 40 hours a week. They are constantly engaged by electronic devices updating and sharing information through various social media and networking applications.

The traditional worldwide web or the information superhighway has become a complex landscape of information. An optimized search engine like Google has changed the way people researched and access information. In a few seconds on a search engine can ensure users can navigate thousands of bites of information scattered across the internet. They can accurately find information related to their query without wasting time visiting individual websites.

Machine Learning is a successful information and communication tool referred to as ICT, it takes a cross-disciplinary approach to collect data from the internet. It is an integral bridge between data programming and the Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

The Data Analyst will mine and collect meaningful data through web crawling relaying the information to the Data Scientist who predicts the adaptability of the AI. Identifying relevant data through an AI search engine is intuitive and highly selective as the Data Scientist is grooming the AI to act intelligently when engaged by the user. The content curation is an integral part of the AI experience. is designed to efficiently supply the demands of the user. It prioritizes the users intent on a humanistic level as the AI is programmed to consider human behavior and not solely rely on typical text matching to generate product results. By giving users a wholesome unbiased search result. The e-commerce platform has imployed an extensive domain knowledge, carefully crafted index pages and collection pages that provide relevant and helpful information to users. will scientifically measure the activity of the users with their desired products in order to creatively enhance engagement on the platform. The mission is to deliver value to customers by integrating the expertise of data analysis, machine learning and growing a healthy e-commerce practice in Pakistan. has dedicated creative working to understand user intent along with the advanced AI technology. The team further refines the search by researching products, writing informative reviews, creating product-related videos and providing specifications for individual products available on The accuracy and diversity generated through the search engine will make products available nationwide. There are smart search tools to refine product search which include, price, brand and related tabs to ensure users are able to reach their desired product. Pakistanis in remote areas will be able to access products from major metropolitan cities improving their standard of living in a few minutes. Time is a valuable asset and at the ultimate goal is to provide fast and reliable product search to all of Pakistan.

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