PREMIERE: Viral Country-Pop Duo Juna N Joey’s Talk About (And Premiere) New Single “Anchor”

Rising country-pop duo, Juna N Joey, release their powerful video and track “Anchor.” The song brings awareness to the topic of bullying that many people their age experience. This moving ballad was inspired by a friend who was severely bullied from their school which eventually led to self-harm and attempted suicide. “Anchor” is also a self-reflection to the epidemic that is rampant throughout the United States their drummer, Max Gegerson, is a survivor of the Parkland, Florida shooting. This track stems from hope and inspiration to find that person who can ground you, protect you, and be your own anchor. Juna N Joey hope this song will encourage anyone who is being bullied to seek help and not go it alone and not hurt yourself under these circumstances.

Hi Guys Welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Juna—Amazing!  Joey—Fantastic!

Can you talk to us about your latest song “Anchor”?

Juna—It’s about having that one person in your life to keep you grounded, confident, true to yourself.

Joey— knowing someone is there to lift you up, be by your side thru the struggles, with love—protect you from the bullies.

Did any event in particulate inspire you to write this song?

Juna—Yes, we know many people at school that are bullied and cyberbullied and we started to notice that so many people bully each other around us in every setting—it’s pretty rampant.

Joey—A friend Nicolas was being bullied and I became his Anchor for him and stood up for him—he was being bullied for being a ballet dancer and I didn’t think that was right.

Any plans to release a video for that single?

Juna—Yes, we filmed a video at our old elementary school/middle school—it was an amazing experience to work with a professional videography crew —makeup and all—we had posted stills on our feed.

Joey-It will be streaming  on Roku on Country and Pop outlets and most video outlets as well as our YouTube and Vimeo channels during the month of October in the US and in November in Europe so it will be seen internationally —-this is a global problem and all nations are involved with it.

How was the writing and recording process?

Juna—-We wrote this song over Skype session with Nashville songwriters and it was very easy for me because I love writing about intense heartfelt subjects—Recording was just a normal quick once or twice run with my vocal and I am also playing the piano—my manager was like you could have enunciated a little better—so lesson is anytime I go in studio it could go all over the internet.

Joey—We weren’t going to record the song, then our manager heard it and said I love this song, you will save someone’s life with this song, so we just went and did a very pared-down piano vocal with Juna on lead and myself on harmonies and had I known this was going to go international I would have given it my all—I wasn’t thinking single at the time—I didn’t think it was a releasable song—our manger was crying when she heard it.

Did you have second thoughts when tackling such a hot topic?

Juna—No we didn’t really have any second thoughts because we are so passionate about this topic and helping other kids.

Joey—It’s such an important topic and something we see and deal with every day in all of society around the world and we want to be the ones to do something about it—our drummer Max was at Parkland so it hits close to home—some kids commit suicide some react by hurting innocent people.

What was the approach you intend to go with this song and it’s theme?

Juna—We wanted to show that bullying and cyberbullying come in different forms and I also did a lyric video so people can see the words and the literal images understand our message.

Joey—All types of bullying —adults even get bullied at their jobs—everyone needs support and protection from a bully—even at home.

With the great reception from your previous work—did you feel any pressure as you were putting this song together?

Juna—None at all, just maybe like honestly like excitement, just want to show people how passionate we are about this and prove to people  that they can make a difference and shed light on the situation —they don’t need to hold back from helping someone getting bullied.

Joey—Yes, show the people that they can help each other and even people  being bullied can be an Anchor to someone else too.

Does the new single mean we can expect new material—how’s that coming along?

Juna—We are working on an EP coming out with a bunch of originals we wrote—we love to write and we are always looking to collaborate we wrote with a lot of big writers.

Joey—We have the EP coming out and the songs have many different meanings and situations.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Juna—Anchor video is going to be live on our YouTube Tues Oct 1 and we will be doing Live interactive feeds on Instagram and Facebook with people sharing their experiences with bullying and who is their Anchor and who they became an Anchor.

Joey—We will be showing the different options people have —we have #hashtags for our movement — #FindurAnchor  then #WhosUrAnchor and then #BeTheAnchor—so it shows the progression of being a victim and doing something about it by getting support, then naming that person so the bullies know you’re covered and then passing that confidence to someone you can stand up for too and empower themselves against the bullies—-And then the Ep sometime this year —going to Nashville to record.

Any plans to hit the road?

Juna—I want to hit the road right this minute— I literally want to go pack my bags—we were on the road all summer and had it is something I want to do.

Joey—Yes right now —we want to get on the road as soon as possible.

What else is happening next in Juna N Joey’s world?

Juna—Fans can see us on the Nickelodeon’s “America’s Most Musical Family” Yea Joey is my brother—so we are siblings and We had a call from another show can’t say who yet and Of course our first EP—Keep checking out page and Spotify and all distribution outlets for lots of stuff coming.

Joey—We are also working on new music, videos, local gigs and a Christmas song too—We will be headed to Nashville to work with some award-winning producers and writers so we are excited and very busy—Brands are calling us and wanting us to pitch their products—My manager said we are officially influencers—I am also gearing up for my SATs.

Anchor (Lyric Video) | Juna N Joey

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