Top 3 ever-lasting trends!


In an age where everything is available on the internet, it is no surprise that new things will gain popularity pretty quickly all around the world.

After all, the whole purpose of the World Wide Web was to bring people together. But it also gave everyone a platform to introduce ideas and see how they would take form. Create something, release it on the internet and watch it spread like wildfire if it appeases to people. Anything that is popular or hip at a certain point is considered a trend. A music trend or a fashion trend, even a social media trend.

Over the course of time, different things have been interesting enough for a lot of people to take notice, so much so that it becomes the norm for a while and everyone is doing it. These trends could range from applications on social media or a new activity that turns into a hobby. Let’s talk about a couple of trends that haven’t burnt out and are still pretty popular today.

Let’s discuss what these trends actually are!

  1. Social Media!

A huge reason for things to become a trend in the first place is social media. That is how an activity gets enough exposure for more and more people to use it consistently over time. Something that is creative and people can easily participate in.

When Facebook first came out, it became trendy pretty quickly because it was one of the first social media sites to create a profile for you and connect you to other people around the world. It had the option to share your interests with other people and add them, allowing you to make new friends and connected people. Which is why it got so popular.

Similarly, Instagram came into existence and became trendy because it was dedicated to uploading pictures.

Over time, many such social media platforms became popular and were trendy until they became the norm. One such platform, for example, is TikTok. Considering how popular TikTok has become, I am sure you’ve heard of it more times than one or at least seen some videos about it online, right?

TikTok is a social media video application that you can use to create lip-syncing videos or comedy sketches by chooses from an arsenal of songs, sound effects, and bites. The app allows you to create videos up to 15 seconds long. It was launched back in 2017 and since then it has become one of the most popular apps being used right now, primarily because of the features that it offers to its users. It has grown so much that people have started making money off of something that started off as simple fun on the internet.

  1. Diamond Painting!

If you are an artist or more so on the creative spectrum, here is a trend suited to your liking. Diamond painting is a DIY art project. It is a new creative trend that is blowing up and becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons.

Diamond art is an interesting handicraft, a mosaic art form where you can become a painter. If you have always wanted to make something on a canvas or to bring a painting to life, you can do it now ever so easily. Diamond Painting does not require much experience in the world of art as it is essentially DIY.

It is something you can get the hang of once you use it for a little while but it helps you create something beautiful. Where other hobbies involving art and painting will often leave you frustrated, diamond painting will leave you feeling fulfilled and ensure a fun experience. Painting with Diamonds is done with the help of resins cut in diamond shapes in such a way that they shine. They are colored resins that you can stick on a canvas and make any image that you like.

You might feel a little overwhelmed doing it for the first time, as any new experience will make you feel but it is a great way to relieve stress and create a masterpiece all on your own. The best part about diamond art is that you get a painting kit full of different kinds of colored resins.

The canvas you receive already has a guide on it to help you know where to stick the resins by using letters and symbols. You can start off with smaller art pieces and eventually move on to bigger and more detailed canvases that require a little bit more effort to complete.

Any time you purchase a kit, it comes with a white canvas guide, colorful diamond-shaped resins, a pen to pick up the diamonds along with a plastic tray to hold them all in and wax or glue to stick them on. Go on, make something beautiful in your spare time and stick it up on your wall!

  1. Acrylic Nail Art

In the world of fashion, Acrylic Nail Art is something that has been trending for decades now. In fact, an older version of nail art was being used in the 19th century by Greek women where they basically used to create artificial nails to stick on top of their real ones.

Nail art has since been modernized over the years. Acrylic nail extensions were created back in 1959 by a dentist.

The art of nail painting has become widely popular since then, especially among women. It is also used as a fashion statement, a way for someone to stand out on their own. Acrylic nails also help conceal damaged or brittle nails. It has become so popular and mainstream that there are acrylic nail painting competitions where judges judge their performances and decide who the best is!

Regardless of which trend you choose to opt for, with these three, you can never feel left out!

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