Exclusive: The Story of Jay Gauthier Jr.- From Firefighting to Inspiring Millionaires

Often times when people think of successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg, they only imagine the person presenting to thousands of people in a $4,000 suit. They never imagine the Steve Jobs from 1985 who was torn apart after getting kicked out of his own company, or the Bill Gates who was living in his garage trying to build a computer when nobody cared or knew about him. In fact, these stories almost always get washed out by the success of the protagonist in them. The lenses through which we see these people get distorted. Every Entrepreneur has a story and like Jay Gauthier Jr’s, they can sometimes be deeply inspiring.

Like most six year old boys, from a young age Jay always wanted to be a firefighter. So, fresh out of school, he decided to join an academy in Glendale California. His wife, Veronica, was pursuing her masters degree through the psychology program at the University of La Verne while also working full time. Jay saw his first action working for an ambulance company running 911 calls by doing a lot of 5150 calls and psychiatric transfers. At the same time he had gone through the fire Academy and was getting picked up by Cal fire in San Bernardino California. When I asked Jay what he remembered about being a firefighter, he recalled his first 911 call and said, “I will always remember my very first 911 call. No joke, I was on the ambulance for all of 30 minutes when we got the first call of my entire career. It was a house fire. I remember running into the home following my lead fireman. I was so stoked about it.. I mean, what a way to start! Haha. This big guy came stumbling out of the front door, hand charred down to the bone from where he had grabbed onto the doorknob. Hair was burnt and smelled terrible. Shirt burned into the third degree burns on his back. I’ll never forget it because he had ran in to find his daughter and the door had shut behind him. When he got on the ambulance, I just remember thinking of how real this job was.” It was an amazing first experience. Things were looking up for the young fireman until life hit in a way he never expected.

After a few months of hard work, Jay was called by the Human Resources staff at the fire station and was told his job would no longer be available. The company had to make budget cuts and Jay was on the sore end of things. This devastated both Jay and his wife Veronica because the income they depended on was gone. Luckily, Jay’s dad had just invited him to come down to an open house career night for a financial firm in Chino, California. Although he was set on being a fire fighter, that night changed Jay’s perspective forever.

In April of 2011, Jay got his license to start in the industry and from that point it took him about four months to learn how to make money. He took his skills and started his own financial advisement company called Tenacity.

Jay Gauthier Jr. and his wife Veronica Gauthier recently won an award for making over $500,000 in a year as financial advisors. More than that, he continues to inspire entrepreneurs and businesses to become great. With over 150 advisors, Tenacity is changing the outlook and perspective of the national economy. Often times, start up businesses fail because they lack the leadership and knowledge to succeed and become self sustaining. And that is exactly what Jay Gauthier Jr. has been successful at changing. Although Jay is a decorated financial advisor, he isn’t afraid to tell the story of where he started from. For without it, he wouldn’t be the great motivator, leader, and teacher of innovation and success that he is today.

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