5 Creative and Unique Ideas for Employee Awards

Rewarding employees with attaboys and awards improves office morale. When workers feel appreciated, they work harder, which in turn increases productivity.

If you’re operating on the antiquated “Thank You” system, it’s time to level up with employee awards.

Business owners often focus on the bottom line, forgetting the people who work hard to get them there. Employers who get rewarded on a regular basis feel a sense of job satisfaction.

In exchange, workers return loyalty to the company through work efficiency and productivity.

If you’re looking for an awards system that boosts motivation and culture, read this. Here are some creative and unique ideas for employee awards.

  1. Customer Care and Service Award

The first point of contact customers have with your business is with customer service personnel. When you’re customer care agents go above and beyond paid protocol, reward them.

Offer up a customer care and service award. Commemorate it with a plaque.

Team member of the month is a great example of this type of award. This employee receives benefits like bonus pay, gift cards, and the best employee parking space.

  1. Perfect Attendance Is One the Best Employee Awards to Hand Out

When employees show up to work, businesses meet their quota. Show appreciation to workers who don’t call out within a calendar year.

Give them a perfect attendance award.

Some companies grant employees an additional weeks vacation for the next year. Others go all out with balloons, ribbons, and trophies. Take a look at Trophies Plus Medals for great ways to award perfect attendance.

  1. Outstanding Team Leadership Award

Some people are natural-born leaders. They have a great capacity for learning and leading. These leaders don’t always carry titles like manager or supervisor.

They’re regular workers on the clock who’ve mastered the company handbook and procedures. Helping other office employees gives them joy, and they find pleasure leading.

This type of employee deserves an outstanding team leadership award. Normally, these awards get celebrated with plaques and certificates. Take the praise one step further by blogging about the employee on the company website.

Show your customers how much you care about those who care about them.

  1. The Office Fashionista

The company dress code can be a drag. Employees who like to express their personalities through clothing can’t deal.

Some employees get it wrong and you have to reprimand them. But others know how to push the envelop while remaining professional. They dress well and make a fashion statement every time they walk into the office.

Well-dressed employees take pride in themselves, and it shows up in their work. Dub them office fashionista and award them once a month for their professional, fashion prowess.

  1. Mr. or Mrs. Clean Award

Office cubicles are some of the worse places in an office to present to customers. Some employees are great workers, but they’re a little messy.

Not the Mr. Clean employees. They keep their work areas in tip-top shape. Their desks and drawers are neat and organized. Plus, they steer away from unsightly decorations.

Don’t let their efforts go unnoticed. A clean office is a safe office and these employees deserve recognition. How about a statue of a little golden broom or a bonsai plant with an engravement on the bottom?

Take it a step further by sending out a company email every week celebrating that employee.

Say Thank You

Businesses survive by employing great workers. When you have these types of people on your payroll, hand out employee awards.

Show your appreciation as they show you their hard work.

Want to find out more ways to wow in the office? Check out some more of our great write-ups to stay ahead of the modern news curve.

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