Musicians That Deserve More Love: Lisa Prank

There is a certain turmoil that often brews in the hearts of indie music fans. They want to see the artists they love do well, but they often fear that they will get “too popular,” and then they will lose some of that connection. It’s not just about the music, and liking what you hear, but wanting to support a certain kind of artist, to champion the proverbial underdog.

I get that, though I don’t feel it as much as others. When I see a Mitski or a Phoebe Bridgers performing on Stephen Colbert’s show, I don’t mind. I feel happy for them. In fact, there are musicians I feel really deserve more love and more attention. For me, there is no artist that I want to champion more right now than Lisa Prank.

Lisa Prank is the stage name of Robin Edwards. She released her first album Adult Teen a few years ago. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon it, but I loved it. It was one of my favorite albums of the year. I think it ended up finishing second. Her lo-fi pop punk was so catchy, and her lyrics really struck a chord with me. In fact, I was so taken by the album for the first time I asked a site I was writing for if I could conduct an interview with somebody. I had done interviews before in service of an article, but I had never done a straight-up, for transcription interview.

She was touring and driving through the American Southwest at the time. Her cell phone service was spotty and the call dropped out like a half dozen times. I also probably rambled a bit much. Also, transcribing interviews is the worth. However, I was happy I did it, because I wanted people to hear about Lisa Prank. Her album was just so good. It still is.

The second-ever Lisa Prank is coming out in October. It’s called Perfect Love Song. It seems to be more of her heart-on-her-sleeve pop punk. A guitar, a drum machine, and her plaintive lyrics. You probably haven’t heard that it’s coming out. You probably have never heard of Lisa Prank. I saw that she is playing a show around me recently. I excited checked to see where she was playing. Which of the local indie rock venues would give her a space to perform? It turns out that she is performing at a local house that refers to itself as an “anarchist housing collective.” They have a garage that they hold shows in sometime. I was there once and the roof was leaking. It’s a play for bad punk bands to play, but below the station of anybody else.

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Maybe this is the kind of play Edwards wants to play. Maybe she’s happy to be doing an ostensibly free show in a dank garage. I feel like Lisa Prank deserves more. Check out Adult Teen. Listen to Perfect Love Song when it comes out. Hopefully next time Lisa Prank is on tour she can perform at an actual music venue.

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