How To Optimize Your Twitch Stream Overlays

This article will explain, on a basic level, how you can optimize your stream overlay so that it doesn’t look like crap.

Streaming and e-sports are becoming more popular by the day, and with thousands of streamers six figure or more per year, is it nor a bad choice to step into the world of gaming and try streaming to make some bucks off your passion.

Now once you’ve signed up on the twitch platform and have your very own channel, the next thing you want to do made an overlay that’ll sit over your main stream. You can use the overlay real estate to your benefit by displaying some basic info like your sponsors, top senators and other social media links to get more donations and leads. Here are steps that you can follow of you want to make fantastic stream overlays that work.

Access Your Main Focus

The first and the most important things you have to do before making a stream overlay is accessing your exact needs and type of stream, and customizing the overlay accordingly to make more sense. Once you’ve decided on the main focus of the overlay, make sure the most important elements get the most focus of the viewer.

Entertainment channels should have more view of the webcam on their overlay, and gamers should minimize the size of the webcam footage to show the gameplay to their viewers. However, if you’re still confused about what your should show on your overlay, maybe you can see some other channels and note down what you like in their overlay. You can use the collected data to make your very own customized stream overlays.

Keep The Ratio In Mind

One thing that makes a lot of the stream overlays look crappy is overcrowding of the overlay with texts and other useless things.

So, when making an overlay, make sure everything is well balanced and is in a perfect ratio. That said, you don’t need to implement the overlay design as it is, make some changes if necessary. Another way to get popular on this platform is to use a view bot to get more Twitch viewers.

Keep It Simple

The intimate complexity is being simple while designing your twitch stream overlay. Make sure to use simple fonts and not the ones which are too fancy to be read from some distance.

So, when designing an overlay, make sure you use one simple font throughout the overlay. However, if you want sophistication and detail to be added to your overlay, you can use bold fonts to add some variety and distinguish different data.

Other Minor Details

Using other details like your social media links to display on your overlay is a great option these days. This can earn you more subscribers on all of your social media platforms.

While using the links, remember to use a simple font, however, you can make it bold to make it stand out among rest of the stuff on your overlay. While doing all this, remember that the main purpose of your channel is attracting more viewers and retaining them to watch your streams.

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