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Anthony Dircson

Anthony Dircson’s New Single Ft. Zay Is A Treat

The producer and DJ Anthony Dircson has just released a new piece of electronic pop titled “Do It For Free.” Written alongside the feminist artist Zay, this production is eye-catching and highly melodic for its entirety.

Working its way around striking vocal hooks and progressive riffs that seem to dart from the speaker, “Do It For Free” is a powerful statement about breaking out of society’s molds. Dircson says: “We sat down together and quickly came to the conclusion the song was gonna be a protest towards the Status Quo; how society tries to push every single person into a specific box based on someone’s sex, age or origin. A society in which successful people are idolised, but in which the struggling big-thinking individual should “try something more conventional.”

It’s a beauty of a tune and you can stream it fully below.

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