How To Avoid Phishing Attacks 24×7

In our today’s ultra-modern era, where we are sure to be so safe and secure when it comes to security. But then there are a few questions that may come from a layman that may surprise us to receive in our technologically advanced era. Normally, they deal with phishing fraud. They want to know what phishing email is, or what is phishing attack or how is phishing attack carried out or what are the hazards of a phishing attack and so on.

Company’s Professional Privacy

Before we endeavor to answer the above questions, it doesn’t seem to be out of place to mention that a corporate firm’s privacy is as important as blood for a living body. It simply implies the importance of privacy and privacy violation through phishing email spams is equally hazardous for a corporate’s business health. To protect the company’s privacy, its prime responsibility of the top management to make sure that the company’s privacy is always maintained as the topmost priority. As such they have to update their knowledge about cyber-attacks and their preventive measures. Because it is a biggest problem for everyone that how to avoid phishing attacks and scams and secure yourself from all of these junk.

What is phishing?

Just like any other cyber-attack, phishing is also a serious and real threat to the privacy of both organizations and individuals alike. As per 2018 statistics, approximately 32% of cyber-attacks for privacy data breaches involved phishing attacks or phishing tactics. The same dangerous fact was highlighted by Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report. The said reports confirmed that phishing attacks are deadly dangerous to businesses, employees, brands, customers, and consumers alike. This simply means to protect our data at every cost. So let’s try to find the answer to the question as to what phishing is. Besides, why phishing is so favorite technique with the cyber-criminals involved in data breach crimes, also needs to be answered. You can check some videos on how to avoid phishing?

Phishing just like other cybercrimes is a cybercrime that involves cyber fraud aiming at breaching cyber data of both individuals and organizations. Phishing could be considered as a virtual form of private data hunt wherein the general folks are lured to take the bait and consequently get hooked. Normally, the attackers pose to be a person or organization and try to extract some confidential information to be used for robbing the individual/organization in the question or make the target individuals do some action that may end up with a financial loss. tips to avoid phishing scams can help you a lot. The attacks are normally carried out via text messages, emails, over the phone, or social media accounts such as Facebook, etc.

How to Avoid Phishing Attacks & Scams?

If you want to protect yourself or your company from phishing scam please take care of the points below:

  • Protect Your Personal Information

  • Handle Suspicious Email Carefully

  • Do Not Click on Suspicious Links

  • Know the Common Phishing Writing Style

  • Use Authentic Websites and Verify a Website Security

  • Use Anti-Phishing Toolbar

  • Check Your Online Accounts Regularly

  • Update Your Browser

  • Use Firewalls

  • Be Carefull about Pop-Ups

  • Use Antivirus

Interesting Fact

It’s a matter of great interest that phishing isn’t a weapon itself but serves as a medium for the crime. Phishing attacks normally make the victim do certain risky things such as click on a link, download a suspicious file, open an attachment sent from an unknown source, and so on. These actions are meant to trigger ‘payload’ which is the actual weapon that generally comes in the form of ransomware or malware. Some phishing experts may drive you to websites that may interest you. Once you get there, you are asked to enter your sensitive information like account login and password to log in. Once you enter the sensitive data, you are destined to doom.  Please check these 10 tips to avoid phishing.

One Set of Data for Phishing Attacks

As per research, 62% of phishing attacks on organizations or individuals’ systems are meant to access the employees’ or customer’s data. After that, they can exploit the information thus received to fulfill their vicious ends.

Suffice to say, the above-mentioned example is a single example that highlights the deadliness of phishing attacks and importance to  protect against it.

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