INTERVIEW: Youtuber Alex Warren

Hi Alex, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Amazing, how about you!?

How were you drawn into the world of Youtube?

When I was a kid, my dad would go around filming everything. When he passed away I wanted to do something like that and decided to post them on YouTube. I decided to adapt the way he filmed and I’ve loved it ever since.

Did you ever have second thoughts when jumping in?

Of course I did, I didn’t have any support in the beginning but I loved making these videos so much I just kept filming and surrounding myself with people who loved it as much as I did.

With so many people striving to make it into this platform – were you any surprises when your video kept getting more and more momentum?

It was such a weird feeling, I film my videos the way I do to make the audience feel as if they are apart of our friend group and when I saw how people loved these videos as much as I did making them it was a really surreal feeling. I like to think everyone who watches these videos are apart of our huge dysfunctional family.

Having all these people looking at your puts any pressure on you?

YES. YES. YES. Being in the comedy business is really nerve racking just because a joke could always offend someone and I thankfully have not made any mistakes yet. Fingers crossed:)

Speaking of which, most of your video seems to be unscripted or is that a case or is there like brainstorm process that goes into them?

Yeah its hard to believe but my friends and I are really this crazy and dysfunctional. I’ll have ideas to prank my friends or a scenario planned but 90 percent of the time it happens in the moment and I capture it or I have them repeat it if I missed it.

What was the transition from Youtube to Tik Tok?

It was surprisingly really easy. I was posting on youtube and one of my friends recommended I hop on musically… It ended up being a really good idea, it then merged into tik tok and from there my videos took off.

Does running this very short form videos is actually much easier for you than this longer videos for Youtube?

Not even close. I roughly edit 60-80 video clips and cut them down to 4-6 mins. I do this because I’ve learned from my own interests people love instant gratification. With my videos there’s never one dull moment. There’s always something going on and If you look away for a second you could miss something!! It lets the viewers escape their day for a few minutes and get lost in my friend group. It roughly takes 3 days to film a vlog and 7-10 hours to edit.

What would you call the most challenging aspect of what you do?

Constantly coming up with new ideas and getting everything my friends do on camera. You have to remember my friends and I are still teenagers with the oldest being 20. Were growing up as we film these videos and were still finding ourselves. Its really cool to watch the first vlogs and to now and how we’ve grown.

What else is happening next in Alex Warren’s world?

Pretty exciting stuff!! I’m doing my first meet and greet next month, I’m buying my dream car, and my girlfriend and I have our 1 year anniversary coming up next month.

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