Who should I believe when it comes to the benefits of CBD liquid?

The topic of CBD liquid is ‘hot’ today. It seems to be yet another ‘next best thing’ to hit the market. The question is whether or not this is all hype, all smoke and mirrors, or if CBD liquid really is what it purports to be.

Note the use of the word ‘purport’. The word ‘claim’ is not used in this article because one thing needs to be made absolutely clear. Nobody is in a position yet to make any definitive claims that there are any proven benefits of taking CBD liquid, in whatever form you choose.

You have the right to make up your own mind about CBD liquid

Now, just because nobody can legally make any claims about CBD liquid, that doesn’t automatically mean there are none. On the contrary. What it means is that once sufficient research has been done to back up many of these claims, and if successful, then the world and his wife can freely shout it from the rooftops: “CBD liquid works!” Until then, what should you do? The simplest and best thing would be to look at the facts as they are known, and make up your own mind, as there is no law against that…

Which claims should I ignore, and which should I give more credit to regarding CBD liquid?

This is an easy one to answer, and the suggestion is to look for the motive behind any claim. Let’s explain further. The internet is littered with articles about “The benefits of CBD liquid.” So, who has written these articles? The authors will generally fall into one of two camps: owners of websites selling CBD liquid products and scientists/medical professionals.

If someone is selling CBD liquid products, chances are that they are going to make unsubstantiated claims about CBD liquid to encourage you to buy their products, even if those claims correspond to certain commonly held beliefs. However, these claims should be viewed with a certain degree of caution and skepticism.

Then there are ‘claims’, though worded with appreciably more ethical caution, that you will find on scientific and medicine-based websites, such as Harvard Medical School. These sites have no ‘ulterior motive’ for making any claims and will provide genuine information based on established facts.

What you don’t need is a degree in Rocket Science to work out which type of website is more likely to be telling the truth!

Of course, not all websites selling CBD liquid products make false claims

You can, of course, turn the nature of claims made on a website selling CBD liquid products to your advantage. How? By avoiding the ones who make false claims and looking at those who are more conservative and realistic.

This makes sense on a number of levels. If a website only refers to ‘perceived benefits of CBD liquid’, ‘believed benefits of CBD liquid’ or ‘possible benefits of CBD liquid’, then that seller is clearly a responsible one and puts honesty before money. Even better if that seller can also

Additionally, if a website is making false claims about the benefits of CBD liquid, then there is a far greater chance they could well be selling and inferior or fake product as, clearly, they are putting money before honesty.

Conclusions concerning claims about the benefits of CBD liquid

Clearly there would appear there may be some significant benefits derived from CBD liquid. If it literally were a case of ‘all smoke and mirrors’ then the current popularity of CBD liquid would not exist. For the fact that fewer people are saying it has no effect when they have used it compared to those who have tried it and found it it to have benefits may lead you to form a logical conclusion. However, the law says that, for now, only you can decide for yourself.

The logical thing to do is to try it and see, but like anything new, start with very little and see if it achieves what you want, or are hoping for.

A great deal of research is focusing on pain reduction and alleviation of symptoms for anxiety and depression. You have to ask the question “Why? Surely the answer has to be because enough people ‘suspect’ that there is something unique about hemp oil for anxiety that is worth closer investigation.

Where to go next?

There are many platforms on the internet where you can either buy CBD products or find out a great deal more about CBD. One of the more popular ones that has a great deal of useful information and which doesn’t make any outrageous claims is Puff Puff Liquids.

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