Benefits of Switching to Electric Cars

Thanks to the most recent innovations in battery technology, the automotive industry is currently seeing a very real and concentrated effort to bring the electric vehicle to the masses. When you make the switch from a petrol/diesel car to a battery-powered electric car, there is a multitude of things you will enjoy – a quiet drive, faster acceleration, a cleaner environment, and low vehicle maintenance costs. With the ever-growing push towards zero-emission vehicles are on the up, so read on to discover more reasons why you just might want to consider going electric come your next automotive purchase.

1. Cost Savings

Giving an electric vehicle a full battery recharge costs less than refilling a normal car’s tank with fuel. The price you pay for electricity at charging stations will vary depending on your location and charging speed. In some cities, you may even find free charging points.

However, if you decide to recharge your car battery, it will cost you about $2.64 for a full charge of an EV with a 70-mile range. On the other hand, if you are driving a petrol-powered car with a fuel efficiency of 25 miles per gallon and petrol costs $2.4 per liter, you will spend about $26.88 on petrol for a 70-mile journey.

2. Healthy Environment

As humans, we have put up with a lot of air pollution in the past because of mobility. We tolerate exhaust-spewing trucks and vehicles because we need to move people and goods for business and pleasure. It is now time for us to switch to electric cars and make our air pollution free once again.

With a number of countries getting on board to offer support with incentives and rebates, there are fewer reasons than ever not to make the switch. By adopting electric we could potentially help save millions of those who die prematurely every year as a result of the polluted air in our cities. The emissions from many petrol and diesel-powered vehicles increase the carbon dioxide in the air and poorly maintained vehicles also emit carbon monoxide which is very toxic.

3. Energy Security

Riding EVs can boost energy security in countries that import most of their crude oil or petrol. Electric cars can be powered from local super-charging stations with locally produced renewable energy. At home, you can also use the energy you obtained from the sun to charge your own car battery. This will reduce dependence on traditional fossil fuels and help to conserve foreign exchange. Producing more electricity locally will also create fresh employment opportunities and benefits for people who work in local power plants.

4. Improved Safety

Electric cars have fewer engine components than gasoline cars – in fact, there is essentially one moving part. This makes it easier for car manufacturers to focus more on the safety of the drivers and other road users. Recent safety ratings of some popular electric car models show that EVs offer better safety, more so than gasoline cars. The absence of an internal combustion engine and a petrol tank reduces the risk of a fire or an explosion during a crash. Since EVs have fewer moving parts, car manufacturers can invest more time and resources to build a car that is safer for the driver, passengers and other road users.

5. Quiet Driving

Virtually everyone who has tested an electric car talks about the smooth, silent drive. It’s a sharp contrast to the explosive noise that comes out of the tailpipe of an internal combustion engine. There are no exhaust sounds or rumbling noises as you press the accelerator pedal. When you drive an electric car for the first time, you may be shocked at how quiet it is. Indeed, the near-silent nature of electric cars has become an issue with pedestrians who are unaware that a vehicle might be approaching. For this reason government regulators are now implementing rules so that these cars can be fitted with an alert sound for the sake of pedestrian safety.

6. Low Maintenance

While most electric cars are still (currently) relatively more expensive than their gasoline-powered cars, they cost less to maintain. Earlier in this article, you saw how recharging an EV costs far less than buying fuel for a 70-mile journey. Electric cars are also much cheaper to maintain since they don’t have as many moving parts. There’s no need to do an oil change after your car clocks a certain number of miles. There are no spark plugs, contact sets, or fuel pumps to change. EVs also don’t have carburettors or fuel injectors that can get blocked and require servicing. All you need is an EV charging station and an electric car charging cable and you are all set.

7. Smoother and Faster Drive

Electric cars can accelerate faster and deliver higher (and instant) torque than petrol-powered cars. Unlike petrol engines that have so many small parts that must open, close, spin, or push at the right time to create the desired propulsion, electric cars make do with just one moving part. The torque achieved by EVs is instant and can propel some models, like the Tesla, to 60mph in a blistering 2.5 seconds! Up until recently, that kind of performance was only seen in supercars.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to making the switch over to electric. Starting from the impact they have on the environment, to the efficiency of the design and the running costs involved. Electric cars as a concept date back almost to the birth of the automobile, but the biggest hurdle in their adoption and development had been storing that electricity, that is, the battery technology. Thanks to recent advances in the field, we are now seeing just about every automotive manufacturer introducing EVs in their lineup. Looking at the current state of affairs it doesn’t take much to see that the future is electric and it is already here.

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