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The best part about technology and the features that it offers is the wide range of choices we get now. A Smartphone is no rare thing, and you can hardly find someone without one. While using a Smartphone, the primary concern is to get the maximum benefits of the features offered. Apps make our work easy and handy, and in the present era, you can hardly find something for which an app isn’t built. But not all the apps are available at the official app stores. For the apps which are not available on the official app stores, there are other options like downloading the APK file of the app and installing it or instead you can also download other app stores.

What is actually AppValley?

Yes, you can get another app store for your phone and that too, with exciting and better features. Appvalley is the unofficial store for getting the best apps that you cannot find at the official app stores. The app appvalley provides you access to various ++ (plus-plus) versions of the regular apps you use along with paid and premium apps. This is not the end; you can also get multiple third-party apps available for download as well, and the games are free always. The plus-plus versions of the apps are embedded with quality features that make the app outstanding and better to use. Last but not least all of the apps are available free of cost like any app store, addition to which you won’t even need jailbreak. Also, the apps are completely supported by any of the android and iOS versions you use.

What are the features that make AppValley unique?

  • Appvalley isn’t the app store with limited features, it offers a lot, and you have so much to explore, the top features are mentioned here:
  • The appvalley offers you all the applications and games available over the iOS store. Besides these, you also get various other apps as like the emulators, games, etc.
  • Along with the regular apps, the modified plus-plus versions of the apps with exciting features are also available to download.
  • This app store also offered the top games with some additional level features, and the best of these games are offered free.
  • The app store won’t require Cydia so you can use it without keeping your safety at stake. You also get regular updates for the apps store to get the best features and apps available.
  • The tutorial is not at all complicated to follow up, and you can use it easily without any complexity.
  • The app store provides full support for all versions of iOS above 7 for all the iOS devices you use.
  • The app store can also work on Android but will not provide full support.
  • All the features and services of the apps are free of cost; you even get the in-app purchase services for free.

How to download

So, if you are also influenced by the attractive and exciting offering of the appvalley you can download it for free and start using it. The download procedure isn’t any complicated, but it will require some attention points to follow up. You cannot download the app store from the official app stores as it is their rival app. You can download it only from its official website. The app is completely safe, and you don’t need to worry about any safety aspects of your phone.

How to install AppValley into your phone?

The app offers similar experiences for iOS and Android users, but the Android devices won’t get full support. You can install the app in the following ways:

  1. For iPhone/iPad (iOS users) You must go to the official website [ ] of appvalley and choose the iOS version of the app.
  2. If the first configuration doesn’t work, you can try the second one.
  3. Click allow, when the profile will be downloaded, you will receive a prompt click close.
  4. Now go to the Settings and click the option Profile Downloaded and choose to install.
  5. You might require entering the passcode, enter it click next and then install. Click install and done.
  6. The installation is finished; the app can be easily accessed from the home screen.
  7. While installing Appvalley, it is compulsory to use only the Safari browser, using any other browser can lead to problems during installation.

For Android devices

  1. Download the APK file from AppValley Website.
  2. Open the APK file from file manager and click it, you will be asked to install the application, click install.
  3. Wait for the installation and then click open. The app is successfully installed over your Android device. You can now use it to download an application, plus-plus apps, and more.

How can you use AppValley?

The app has a very simple interface; you don’t require any tutorial to use it. Once you have downloaded and installed the app over your phone, you can use it as the regular app store. Open the app and get the categories under which a bunch of apps is ready to download. You can download them, the apps will be installed on your phone, and you can enjoy the rest.

If you see advertisements on Appvalley, you can simply opt-out of any ad by using the skip button provided at the right corner of the screen. When you are searching an app over the appvalley click over the icon of the app, and you will see the info and description of the app. This will tell you the size, version and some other details about, to download it click Get.

App stores have made access to apps simpler than it was ever, and with Appvalley, the features get even better and easily accessible. So what are you waiting for download the app and start using its amazing features now!

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