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Truth be told, it’s not the most pleasant matter to talk about. However, we’re all going to die at some point (unfortunately), so we may just as well do it in our way. Even if we don’t know how we’re going to be done with life, we can sure decide how we’re going to leave.

If you find yourself in the awful position of having to select a coffin for someone you loved, choosing a casket can be even more challenging. As you’re highly emotional, you may not be able to focus and make the best decision. Take someone with you when you go shopping or go to a funeral home. It’s good to have an honest opinion. You don’t have the energy to deal with all aspects, so don’t hesitate to ask for help when going through such a rough time in life.

What’s the best way to choose a basic coffin?

With all the funeral preparations lying ahead, you might want to be meticulous so that you don’t skip any steps. Here’s our guide when selecting a basic coffin:

  • Take a look at the common materials used for making coffins

The material of the coffin plays a significant role in its final appearance and durability. There are three main options within the category, with none of them lasting forever. Select a coffin that you like and matches your wallet as well.

Let’s see the three materials that are commonly used for coffins:

  • Wood- Wooden caskets are made of maple, ash, or cottonwood

  • Metal- Metal coffins are highly durable, with bronze, copper, and steel being the most popular choices.

  • Fiberglass- Coffins made of fiberglass are lightweight and may have a wood-resembling finish.

  • Check the prices out there

Even though the price range for coffins is pretty generous, coffins aren’t cheap. The material, design, size, fabric, and customization can impact the final price of a coffin. It’s good that you know how much the coffin is going to cost you.

Here’s more guidance on the pricing:

  • Wood caskets prices range from $900 to as high as $10,000. The style, the type of wood, and the final appearance count a lot for the final price

  • Metal coffins can go from $1,000 to $10,000, with style, dimensions, and the kind of metal impacting the price.

Don’t forget to add the costs for the burial shrouds (from $150 to $1,000) and the cardboard coffins (ranging from as low as $50 and getting as high as $500).

  • Make sure it’s the right size

With caskets and coffins not being one-size-fits-all, it’s obvious why you need the accurate measurements of the person you lost. The coffin has to fit the deceased easily.

A goliath casket can be as wide as 51”, whereas the oversize casket’s width ranges from 21” to 38″. Don’t forget to note the length of the coffin as well.

  • Are there any requirements for the vault?

It’s not mandatory, but most cemeteries are going to place the deceased and the coffin inside a concrete vault. The vault doesn’t allow the gravesite to cave in once the coffin begins to degrade. You shouldn’t buy the coffin before you check the vault regulations, though.

A vault may cost around $1,000, whereas the liners range from $400 to as high as $800. Some cemeteries are open to using grave liners, which aren’t as pricey as the vaults.

Do you want to customize the coffin?

First thing first, you should be aware that any customizing feature is going to cost you, so check your wallet.

Here are some things to consider when you want some specific details or features on the coffin:

  • Get the info you need about art, engravings, or other decorative details

A basic coffin is the cheapest choice nine times out of ten, but some decorative features may not increase the price as much as you think. The decorative accents can turn the coffin into something that the deceased would have liked.

You must ask the funeral home/coffin supplier about the customization. Here’s what you may engrave/add:

  • Some decorative carvings or artistic accents can personalize the coffin

  • You may add names, dates, and personal info to the coffin

  • Many use caskets for displaying various symbols of the deceased’s interests, life accomplishments, or even hobbies.

  • Which features do you plan to add?

Even if it’s not the best time to feel creative, you should know that coffins are easy to customize. There are numerous features that you may add to the coffin, which may comfort the persons morning the deceased.

Keep reading for more details:

  • You can have single or double couch style, with the latter allowing only the top of the coffin lid to stay open throughout the viewing. The separate couch lets the whole cover stay open.

  • Most coffins feature a memory drawer so that you may store messages or mementos. You can also go with a memory tube which stores personal info about the deceased. It may help for identification in case of interment.

  • You can find coffins with internal hardware that lift the coffin (slowly) during the viewing

  • Most coffins come with a gasket, which holds the deceased separated from the coffin after the burial.

  • Select the fabric for the interior of the coffin

The overwhelming majority of coffins come with cloth covering the interior. You can select the material for the interior, so don’t waste the possibility of choosing whatever you like.

Let’s check the most common situations:

  • Velvet, silk, crepe, and cotton are used a lot for the coffin’s interior

  • You can also select the color of the cloth

  • Commonly, you may add embroidered symbols and messages on the casket lid interiors.

Is the eco-friendly coffin an option for you?

Anyone worrying about the environmental impact of a coffin should take a look at the eco-friendly coffins. The eco-friendly caskets and burial containers are biodegradable, which is why they’re more affordable than the traditional coffins. Here are some of the types of eco-friendly coffins to consider:

  • Wicker caskets

  • Burial shrouds

  • Untreated wooden caskets

  • Cardboard caskets

One last piece of advice

We feel deeply for your pain and struggle, and you shouldn’t hesitate to seek help when you don’t have the strength to deal with the grief. Surround yourself with people that care for you and don’t forget to breathe. It’s the only way to keep going.

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