What is Caricature in Art

When was the last time you saw a caricature? Do you often see a caricature artist draw in public places?

It is always fun watching an artist at work, especially if the artwork displays uniqueness, exaggeration, or even distortion similar to caricature art.

Meanwhile, caricature in art offers a comically, distorted drawing. The purpose of it is to ridicule or satirize the subject. If you are not very familiar with this type of artistic piece, this post will help you.

Caricature Overview

Caricature refers to the distorted presentation of action, a type, or a person. A salient feature of a particular subject is exaggerated. This line art has critical and judgmental content.

When it comes to creating a caricature, it is not always all about drawing a funny-looking face, it may also help in highlighting the characteristics of a person. This type of art is also considered as a form of visual communication. That is because it carries a message.

Creating a Caricature

Traditionally, tools like ink and inking pen are needed to make a caricature art. As the artist dipped the pen into the ink bottle, the ink is being applied to the paper. To get the lines thicker, pressing it more is necessary.

Furthermore, combining the thin and thick lines can create an eye-catching caricature structure. Then, it is important to avoid some excessive lines because it may change the real meaning of a particular caricature. In other words, every line needs to come along or complement the meaning.

Satire and Humor

Caricature artworks usually display satire and human. A caricature artist may use a marker, pen, pencil, digital pen, or even a mouse computer to create a caricature structure to make people smile or laugh.

This type of line art is a creative way of distorting a person’s basic essence but in a recognizable form. When people see caricatures, they might laugh or experience an emotional response depending on their message to the audience. However, it can also be complimentary or insulting.

Caricatures in Digital World

If you notice that there are only few caricature artist working in public areas that is because caricatures can be created now using digital materials. So, there is no way for you to mess some bottles of ink.

Not only that, there are already caricatures being sold online. So, if you are running out of gift ideas, you can give your loved ones or friends a caricature. Regardless of the subject you want, you will come up with the caricatures that can transfer the message to the receiver.

You can make your family or friends laugh, get entertained, or even chuckle. Whether you want to have a caricature with a solo subject or a couple caricature, you can visit this link and get your very first caricature.

The next time that you want to add some twists or uniqueness to an artwork or gift item, you can always consider a caricature. Thus, you can order caricatures online for convenience.

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