Choosing a suitable skin care product for your face

Finding the right skin care product for your face is one thing, but having the right product, in the right shade, for your skin type can be the difference between avoiding break outs and having a break out. Read this review for authentic products.

Moreover, consider using a dermaroller to help your skin absorb your skin serum or cream. DermRollers, one of the leader in Australia and in the US, tells us everything about how to choose the good serum for Microneedling.

For the best outcome, read this guide by 23MD  before purchasing an over the counter skin care product for your face.

What is my skin type?

This is the primary step. Understanding your skin, whether oily, dry, normal, or a combination will allow you to pick s suitable face skincare product and customize a skincare routine that is most beneficial to your face. Below are some simple tips on how you can determine your skin type

Ensure that you wash makeup off your face before sleeping, and use a makeup remover before rinsing with warm water. Do not apply any other products, including a moisturizer, and go to bed.

  • In the morning, before you wash your face, pat your skin gently with a piece of dry cloth.

  • If the cloth has collected excessive amounts of oil from most areas on your face, then you have oily skin.

  • If the cloth does not collect a lot of oil from most areas of your face, but you notice excessive oil from the T area, then you have combination skin.

  • If you realize that the oil collected from each area of your face is not too much, you have normal skin.

  • If there is barely any oil collected on your face, you have dry skin.

After determining, your skin type conduct some research to look up various skincare products. If you decide to use social media as your choice research tool, be careful to end up wasting your time and come out with no clear answer. Consider looking at other people’s comments regarding different skincare products. This might take a significant amount of your time, but it will all be worth it in the end. Just be careful because there are sites on Facebook and Instagram, where bloggers are paid to say positive things about certain skincare brands. If you have been using social media for some time, then you can easily differentiate between an honest and forced comment.

The Ingredients list on a skincare product

After doing your research, it now comes down to looking at the ingredients list on different brands. Before choosing to buy a particular brand, carefully read the active ingredient in the product. If the ingredients listed are new to you, do some research on them to know how they work and the results. Check to see if any of the ingredient listed is harmful in any way and possible reaction to your type of facial skin. You can search for something like “harmful skincare products ingredients that you should avoid.”

The testers

Before buying a product, test it on your skin. If the product is suitable for direct skin application, you can try it on any area of your body other than your face. Pay close attention to how your skin feels after the application, and how it looks after some time.

Consult your dermatologist

If you still have some doubt about an over the counter skin care product for your face, you can always seek out the opinion of a dermatologist.

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