Top 5 Luxury Additions to Your Home

The average homeowner dreams of all the luxury additions to his/her house they have seen in the luxury estates on TV or in magazines. However, a tennis court or an Olympic-size swimming pool might be too much for your home improvement budget. On the other side, there are some luxury home additions that are more affordable if you invest your money wisely. A wine cellar, a home cinema, a small pool, and even spruced up lighting are all affordable if you build them the right way.

An indoor theater

Modern movie theaters have affordable ticket prices but do you really want to be squeezed between an enamored couple and a guy who loudly eats popcorn? If the answer is “no,” then you always have the ability to build your own home theater. You would get to choose which movies are shown and who is the audience. You can either watch a movie alone or invite your friends and family for a movie night.

All you need is a large enough room in your house, darkness, a home sound system, comfortable seating, and a large enough TV screen. The latter can be supplanted with a home entertainment system that required a canvas and a project, like in the real movie theater. There are many companies that specialize in this sort of entertainment so they can build a home theater in no time!

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An indoor pool

Yes, a large pool 50×25 meters might be too much but the next Olympics are to be held in Tokyo, not in your living room. A smaller pool is more than feasible to build and it can be indoors as well. This way, you will get a chance for a swim even during the cold winter days. Again, you will need a large space inside your house for the pool or you can erect a new structure.

Apart from the room and the pool itself (your water bill will go up significantly), you will need a dehumidifying system, a pool cover if you opt for an outdoor pool, and a water heating system. The total cost does not end here because all the pool equipment will need regular maintenance so start getting acquainted with the pool guy because he’ll be over often. Also, make sure that the electrical wiring is done in a professional manner so the pool will be well lit up during nighttime.  A swimming pool is truly a luxury addition because it will set you back at least 100.000 dollars.

Attaining sports lighting levels

Having mentioned the lighting, you should consider installing some additional light sources outside. Whether it’s a swimming pool or an indoor basketball court, all the luxury will be worthless unless you can enjoy it after dark. Be sure to install indoor sport lighting in order to shoot hoops or take a swim when there isn’t enough natural light.

Conventional lighting levels will not suffice for this because they lack the lux needed to practice sports, even at an amateur level. Solid LED sports lighting will provide you with light strong enough to practice any sport you like without damaging your eyesight. You need to be able to see the ball or the pool edge as if you were exercising on a sunny day.

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A wine cellar

If you are the type of person who likes to enjoy a glass of Chardonnay after a long and exhausting day, then a private wine cellar is exactly what you need. Unlike the pool that required the erection of a new structure, you can use the basement for housing the wine cellar. Depending on its size, the cellar can be used for storing large quantities of wines you acquire over the years.

Since the air temperature inside is well-regulated, the wine inside bottles and barrels will be protected from spoiling. If you’re not a fan or large cellars and want to have your selection of the world’s finest wines readily available, then a larder inside the house can be converted into a wine cellar of sorts. You just need some wall-mounted racks and voila, you one step closer to enological stardom.

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A private gym

Have you ever added up how much a gym membership costs you on an annual level? If you like visiting high-end gyms, then this amounts to thousands of dollars each year. A much wiser way to spend this money is into converting one room in your house into a private exercise area. After you do this, you’ll no longer have to wait in line for that sweaty guy to finish using the fitness bench.

Apart from sets of weights and other equipment, your gym could feature many more amenities. A TV combined with a sound system will make your every workout enjoyable. If you wish to reach the apex of luxury, then convert an adjoining room into a single-person sauna to relax your muscles after an intense workout session. As an alternative, you jump right into the pool we spoke about earlier.

Any of the 5 luxury additions listed will help you attain that home opulence you have been dreaming about for years. Remember, true luxury is connected to the level of comfort you feel while exercising, swimming or sipping a glass of the finest Shiraz you can get your hands on.

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