The Trend of Magnetic Glass Boards Vs Traditional Boards

 If you frequent an educational institute, you are probably accustomed to whiteboards being used for teaching. But educational institutes are not the only ones making use of this traditional presentation or note-making procedure. A lot of people keep small whiteboards at their homes. They either put it in their home office or in their kids’ rooms to stimulate learning.

Offices use whiteboards as well and it has been incredibly common for several years now. But new board variants are entering the market, such as interactive boards and magnetic glass boards. Does this insinuate that traditional whiteboards are becoming archaic and old-fashioned?

You may want to find out which board type is suitable for you according to the surroundings you operate in. Read on for a breakdown of the multitude of board types to see which board would be right for you.

The Traditional Board

Conventionally, whiteboards replaced chalkboards which were the oldest method of getting your message across in a public setting. Whiteboards are especially popular in educational institutes for lessons. Additionally, they are often used in offices for presentations and taking notes of key points.

Even though various other types of boards are now available, traditional whiteboards remain a current and popular choice. This is especially the case in classrooms for teaching purposes. While conventional whiteboards are majorly used in an educational setting, they can be innovatively used in other surroundings as well.

 Why are traditional whiteboards was so popular?

Standard whiteboards are available in various size ranges, so there is almost always an appropriate option to fit the environment. Additionally, they are quite an affordable choice in juxtaposition with other alternatives for them, such as glass boards. That definitely makes them more appealing. This flexibility in price allows you to use different sized boards according to your needs.

You can use miniature boards for individual students and small whiteboards for workplaces. Additionally, medium whiteboards can be used at home offices while bigger whiteboards, in offices and classrooms. Due to their durability and reasonable pricing, whiteboards are usually a suitable choice of the board for all sorts of settings.

Whiteboards can also be found merged with other surfaces to form a multi-purpose whiteboard. The other half is usually porous wood which mostly is either felt or cork. Due to this reason, you can store various types of notes and attachments on these boards. They are also available in mobile variants, so they can be passed around offices and classrooms conveniently.

An Abridgement of Orthodox Whiteboards

  • A favored option for schools.

  • It can be used in workplaces and numerous other official and unofficial settings.

  • They are easy to clean.

  • Divergent colored pens can be used on the board, to keep things interesting.

  • They are available in various sizes and customized sizes can be ordered.

  • Whiteboards can also be used at bureaus and in offices.

  • With magnetic whiteboards, you will be able to use accessories like magnetic boxes to keep your board pens.

  • Additionally, you can also use magnets to attach your important notes and documents to

 Why should traditional whiteboards be phased out?

 You can be forgiven for wondering why this heading even exists. After all, it would appear that whiteboards are incredibly useful and cost-effective. However, progress demands that we give due credence to newer options on the market if they are better.

 If you have ever used a whiteboard or seen one over an extended period of time, you may have noticed the following. Over time, the white pigment of the board noticeably deteriorates. This causes discoloration and damage to the surface of the whiteboard. As a result, it essentially does not remain a whiteboard. At best, it can be branded an off whiteboard.

 Additionally, if you run your hand across an old whiteboard, you will notice a somewhat jagged surface. This is because the deterioration extends to the structural integrity of the board itself. As a consequence, you may find it somewhat difficult to maintain a steady hand while writing on the board.

 At times, this deterioration can also manifest itself in the form of cracks. This can pose a danger to your hand. If the edges of the cracks are raised, they may end up cutting your hand and causing tangible harm.

 Simply put, whiteboards are not as sturdy as commonly perceived.

  Here, the question we face is this; what do we use if not whiteboards?

 Magnetic Glass Boards

Magnetic glass boards unquestionably stand out amongst other varieties of boards. They have an evenly smooth, cutting-edge, modern finish because of the schematic use of glass. Glass boards look stylish and contemporary, whilst possessing the propensity to mingle in with any surroundings, due to their transparency. Thanks to their modern style, magnetic glass boards are effective for the advancement of professionalism in workplaces.

Are these the future of writing surfaces?

Glass boards are not only pleasant to the eyes; they are also enjoyable to use. These boards are not affected by ghosting like whiteboards are, which is quintessential for polished work environments. They are tended to be kept immaculate for professionalism.

As opposed to whiteboards, glass boards are available in a plethora of colors. You may want a typical transparent board to blend in with your work environment. Alternatively, a purple board for design and architectural reasons may be more to your liking. Perhaps, you would much rather have a flamboyant colored board to light up a classroom. Regardless, Glass boards are available in multiple colors to go with every surrounding, even your home office.

 If you want, you can add LED lighting to your magnetic glass board as well. This creates a smooth, modern theme with your boards in the workroom to annex a superior quality vibe to your office environment.

Glass boards come in a variety of sizes. Placing diverse sizes and colors of magnetic glass boards together can be a tremendously innovative way of decorating your classroom or office. And yet, the glass boards still preserve their functionality. For example, you can put small magnetic glass boards at your workplace. And by making the use of colorful glass boards, you can color-code your boards for several sorts of notices and according to categories of significance.

Not only do they come in multiple colors, but glass boards can also have high-quality images printed onto their surface. These can range from family photos to a company’s logos and branding.

Another fact to remember is that glass boards are very durable. Some people believe that magnetic glass boards may be brittle and can be easily broken if they fall over. However, that is not the case. In fact, they are carefully formulated with tempered glass. As a result, they are actually as strong or perhaps even sturdier as regular whiteboards. Moreover, adequate precautions are taken whilst they are being shipped. This is to make sure that the magnetic glass board arrives at its respective destination in immaculate condition.

Although glass boards tend to be pricier than whiteboards, they are normally more durable and last for a longer time period. Additionally, they look a lot more pristine and distinguished than whiteboards, perfect for a modern and stylish work environment. They are not prone to ghosting, discoloration, and staining like whiteboards. This makes them an enduring choice in comparison as whiteboards can start to seem worn and old after continuous use.

An Abridgement of Contemporary Magnetic Glass Boards

  • Highly professional looking, suitable for workplaces.

  • The LED lighting can be annexed for an enhanced top quality effect.

  • Branding, photographs, and company logo can also be added to the glass board.

  • Long-lasting.

  • Glass boards van be used to be creative in the workplace and to decorate the workstations, whilst not letting go of functionality.

  • Simple and easy to clean, also no stains or ghosting from board markers.

  • With magnetic glass boards, you can also use magnets to attach your important notes and documents on them.

  • Pens can be used in different colors in order to take notes creatively.

  • Available in several sizes to comply with your requirements, like whether you need it for your office or home or classroom.

  • Available in all sorts of colors. Colored glass boards can brighten classrooms and offices.

Do glass boards have disadvantages as well?

 You might be wondering at this point whether glass boards are indeed as perfect as they seem. After all, it is glass. It too must deteriorate, similar to whiteboards. However, as mentioned above, this is no ordinary glass. These magnetic glass boards are made of tempered glass. Therefore, they are extra durable and overall extremely sturdy.

  Additionally, the tempered nature of it ensures that if it does break, it shatters in the form of pebbled shards. Therefore, you do not have to be concerned about sharp, jagged broken glass.

  However, there is one slight downside to glass boards, namely, the cost. They are undoubtedly more durable than whiteboards, but durability does come with a noticeable price tag. Therefore, it is advisable to do a price comparison before making a purchase.

  If you want to avoid a price comparison hassle and are looking for the best-priced glass boards, click here.

 You may also require someone to install the glass board and this may add to the cost. However, if you are unfamiliar with power tools, you will need someone to install a whiteboard as well. Therefore, one could say that this potential cost is directly proportionate to your ability with a drill. Consequently, this does not count as a point in favor of whiteboards nor as an outright disadvantage of glass boards.

 Our Evaluation

 When you weigh both whiteboards and magnetic glass boards on the same scale, there is only one winner. The scales are tipped noticeably in favor of magnetic glass boards due to a multitude of reasons.

  The first is the structural integrity and durability of glass boards. Whiteboards pale in comparison (pun intended) with reference to strength and longevity.

 Secondly, glass boards are simply much more elegant and beautiful than rudimentary whiteboards. They look professional and add to the overall ambiance of any environment. So, they do not look out of place in a wide array of settings such as schools, offices or even restaurants.

 Lastly, the maintenance of magnetic glass boards is supremely easy and straightforward. Unlike whiteboards, they have a primarily non-porous surface. Therefore, the ink does not stick to the surface. Previous markings will not show once the glass board has been wiped. This is not the case with whiteboards because markings can be seen for extended periods unless the board is washed.

  The only downside is that glass boards are more expensive than whiteboards. However, it is a small price to pay for the beauty and durability that has become a hallmark of magnetic glass boards.

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