5 Supermodel Diet Secrets You have to Try for Yourself

To sculpt the body of a supermodel is many a girl’s dream nowadays, and it’s every man’s fantasy to be with a woman that has the curves of Adriana Lima or Martha Hunt. Ah, if only it was that easy to look that good all of the time, all the while making it look effortless and feeling sated, healthy, and positive. While it might seem like an impossible task, just keep in mind that you don’t need an army of trainers and nutritionists by your side to look amazing and as close to supermodel level as possible.

Hey, if the models can do it, so can you, but you need to know what you’re doing, and you need to be willing to steal some effective diet tips from the current queens of the runway. Here are the five supermodel diet secrets, rules, and tips that you simply have to try for yourself.

Know exactly what works for you

Not all food groups were created equal, and chances are that there are some foods out there that just don’t sit well with your digestive system. When you try to fuel your body with the wrong food sources, you can inadvertently cause many health problems down the road, ranging from mild conditions like inflammation and flatulence, all the way to chronic fatigue and maybe even serious allergic reactions.

With that in mind, the first rule in every supermodel’s diet book is to discover the foods that make you feel good. Consider the trial and error approach. Simply eliminate one food at a time from your diet to see if you feel any different before you introduce it back to your menu. If you notice that a certain food group (say, meat or dairy) makes you feel bad in any way, then you shouldn’t be eating it.

Track your calories religiously

It might seem like the supermodels are eating intuitively all day long, but don’t be fooled, these sexy goddesses know exactly how many calories they are consuming throughout the day. They have to, otherwise they would probably eat more calories than they should and they would gain unwanted weight.

Okay, so first you need to note down everything you eat in a day. And that means down to the last cinnamon late. Next, go to an online calories calculator to find out how many calories you need every day. What you will find is that you’re probably eating way too much without even realizing it, so make sure to start tracking those calories if you want to gradually tone down to a healthier weight.

Natural supplementation for a well-rounded diet

Ask any supermodel (if you’re ever so lucky to meet one) and they will tell you that natural supplementation is one of the essential pillars of their diet. Why? Because a supermodel knows that they can’t get all of the macro and micronutrients they need from foods alone. It’s difficult, because every food source has its own bioavailability rating, which means that not every healthy nutrient will make it into your system.

This is why supermodels make sure to supplement with natural, nutrient-rich supplements such as spirulina to ensure that they get the necessary protein as well as vitamins and minerals into their bloodstream every single day. If you want to make your diet plan as healthy and effective as possible, you need to include a daily supplement into your routine so that you don’t miss out on the important health benefits.

Drink plenty of fluids

A supermodel is never thirsty. Staying hydrated throughout the day is one of the most important diet rules you need to follow if you are to lose unwanted fat and support all healthy processes in your body. Firstly, water will make you feel fuller during the day, and thus help you banish unhealthy cravings. Secondly, regular hydration will elevate your energy levels and help you push yourself harder during training, which will help you sculpt a better physique.

Focus on complete proteins

And finally, be sure to structure your diet plan around complete protein sources. Every supermodel knows how important it is to retain aesthetic, functional muscle mass while losing fat, and to achieve this they need to eat plenty of protein with every meal. Because protein is the building block of muscle tissue, it will allow you to stay toned while you’re losing unwanted weight, among numerous other health benefits it will bring to your routine and everyday life.

Wrapping up

The next time you see a supermodel on TV or in real life and think to yourself that you simply can’t achieve such an aesthetic physique, keep in mind that these beauties are human, just like you. If they can do it, so can you with a little consistency and devotion, and a couple of well-kept secrets that help sculp that goddess-like supermodel physique.

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