What Every Gentleman Needs to Have by His Mid-20s

Every man needs a good income, a home, and a fast car. While it is great to have these in place, there are other things that speak volumes about you as well. Think about the things that will add extra value to your life. Below is a list of 5 things you need to have by your mid-20’s.

  1. A favorite gentleman magazine

Stay informed and updated about what your fellow men are reading by following up on the best gentleman magazine. Have a reliable source of well-rounded news as well, detailing the latest in all aspects, including politics. You do not want to look clueless and remain uncomfortably quiet when your friends and colleagues are discussing the latest trends and issues.

  1. Lots of different books

You are what you read. The more you read, the more informed you become. If you have not yet developed a reading culture, you can still start now. Do not be too selective about what you read at the start. The purpose is to accumulate as much knowledge as you can. You can start with shorter books to get the hang of it. There is always something attractive about a man who is well-read and oozes intelligence, so invest a lot in this area.

  1. A modest cologne

Men should smell good too, but do not go overboard with it. Think of something that brings out your personality but doesn’t irritate everyone who passes by. The sense of smell is very powerful, and you can easily foster an emotional connection by having a signature scent. You also give the impression of a man who has got his act together.

  1. Skincare products

Quit the club of those who wash their faces with water only, and do not care to apply any skincare product after. A man who takes care of his skin is easily distinguishable from one who does not. Proper skincare is not only good for your public image; it will keep you from looking older than you are. Invest in a cleanser and moisturizer to keep your skin healthy. Hair care products fall into this area  as well, so get yourself a separate shampoo and conditioner.

  1. Cookware and groceries

You are what you eat as well, so learn to make a good meal and invest in the right cookware. Shop regularly for groceries and be ready to make yourself a healthy meal whenever you need to. Men who know how to nourish themselves always score higher than those who struggle to make even the most basic meal for nourishment. Thanks to YouTube, today you can make just about anything you like.

Do not forget about what you wear. Those hoodies, graphic tees, and sagging trousers from your earlier years won’t cut it. Think turtlenecks, button-downs, well-tailored suits, statement belts, dress shoes, and a blazer; to name a few. While you are allowed to make mistakes in your younger years, adopt the correct habits as you move up and transform yourself into a trend-setter.

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