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LO Wants To Take Us On “Safari”

2DEX has released the latest electronic single “Safari” from LO, a producer who has been working extensively for the past 20 years within the music scene. Releases have previously landed their way onto Tommy Boy Records and Majestic Casual, and he makes a strong outing on 2DEX this week.

Some  sublime vocals make an appearance on “Safari,” with pop-styled tones wrapping their way neatly around LO’s melodic sequencing and lightly grooving beats. He says: “The track ‘Safari’ was born on a Saturday in one of Berlin’s typical rehearsal/studio space buildings somewhere in Marzahn. I was hanging out with my friends Chris and Betty and played them the demo instrumental version of the track. They both vibed with it immediately and we just worked on it for a few hours in a super nice flow. The outcome is a hymn to being open to new things: open to the unknown and not afraid of making decisions.“

You can hear it now – head below for the stream.

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