INTERVIEW: Joey Stuckey

The powerful vocals and memorable lyrics of Joey Stuckey. This blind artist from Macon Georgia is creating not only beautiful music for the masses, but also a legacy of inspiration.

Thank you for sharing some time with our readers today, what have you been up to in 2019?

Oh man, so much, I am really under the gun and wouldn’t have it any other way:-)

We have toured a lot in support of our current album “In The Shadow Of The Sun” and it has been a blast! Just a few places we have been include NYC, New Jersey, Washington DC, LA, Detroit, South Carolina, Connecticut, Tennessee, Georgia and we’re doing a show first of the year at the famed Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip In LA!

I also started teaching at a second university and I am working on creating a brand new studio complex. In addition, I am finishing up a Christmas album that will be available in November.

Any LIVE show experiences or road stories you would like to share?

My life has been very full and I have so many stories, the best way to hear them all is to have me speak for your class or group or come out to a concert, but I do love that recently in Detroit, I played at a venue called Cadieux Cafe. They have something called Feather Bowling and after I was done playing my show, I got to go bowl a game with the manager! It was way cool and apparently, I am not too bad at it:-) You can find it on my YouTube channel if you are truly bored:-)

At this same venue, I had a local act that was supposed to support me by performing as part of my bill to provide a better local draw. They agreed to be there but never showed and we never heard from them again. Well, joke is on them because since they didn’t perform, I played longer and one of the patrons enjoyed the show so much he and his wife tipped me $200! How about that?

With such a busy performance schedule, how do you find the time to rehearse and create new music?

My writing process is different than a lot of artists I know. The inspiration is always there and ready for me to access, I just have to sit still long enough to get it out:-) So, I have so many recordings in various stages of completion that I don’t really have to write anything for a while, but I am constantly writing songs anyway and I am very fast so I can write something I would release in half an hour or so.

I have so many tunes floating around, one day I’ll get them all out there— these things tend to come to fruition when the time is right for the universe to hear them. I do try to rehearse with my band a few times a month and it mostly works out:-)

What are your favorite local spots to play?

Well, my hometown of Macon, GA, has some great venues but I love playing at the Macon and Milledgeville Amicis. They always treat us right and we always have a great time with our fans there. I also love performing at Smith’s Ole Bar in ATL. The Macon Cherry Blossom Festival  and Bragg Jam are both great spring/summer festivals in Macon.

Tour plans for 2020?

We are just now starting to book 2020, but I know we’re doing the Whisky A Go Go in LA on 1/3 at 9:45pm through around 10:20 pm.

And I know we are in the process of landing a lot of speaking opportunities, so we will be busy for sure. Of course, I will still have my university students to instruct and I’ll still be working on the studio construction, which is very involved, so I’ll be around home as well for all those things.

I do encourage anyone that wants to know my schedule as it unfolds to go to and sign up for our newsletter, our Bandsintown tracker and also to visit our concert calendar and fan zone.

When we follow our dreams in life, there are sacrifices.  What do you find to be the greatest sacrifices and the greatest gifts of your career?

That is very true but nothing worthwhile is easy and really, it shouldn’t be. I would say one of the sacrifices I am constantly warning my students not to make is their health. Music has always been enough for me, I am not interested in anyway in the “rock and roll” life style. Don’t abuse your body with an excess of alcohol, drugs, or smoking and make sure to eat well and sleep well. Once your health is gone, it is gone. I speak as a brain tumor survivor and I have had to fight everyday just to be alive, so I am deeply saddened when a healthy person sacrifices their health.

The biggest thing is being so busy, it is hard to be with all the people I love and to be as big as part of their life as I would wish. However, I work every day with my Mom, Dad and Wife, so that is a blessing and I love my band mates as family and we get to meet some amazing people on the road. If I can change one life for the better through the amazing power of music, I am content to make any and all sacrifices. It is all worth it!

The blessings are music, bad jokes, good friends and family and meeting amazing people and hearing their stories! I have chosen to live a life of intention and try to be of service to my fellow beings and I am very blessed to say I make a living doing that!

Please share with our readers how we can support your music on line as well as in real life!

Please come and say hi on one of these socail media channels and come out to a show. And if you are feeling like you would like to take my music out for a test spin, I have alots of free ways you can do that in the fan zone at







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