How Reading Benefits Childhood Development

If you grew up in a home in which books played a big role, some of your favourite childhood memories are likely when a parent or guardian read to you or with you. Not only does reading with your children help you form a closer bond, but research has shown that there are numerous developmental benefits to children reading. Here’s why you should read with your children.

Improves Cognitive Abilities

Reading helps to develop a child’s imagination and creativity, therefore improving their cognitive abilities. Additionally, reading also improves logical thinking and problem solving skills. Depending on the age of your child, if they can’t read on their own just yet, read to them and ask them to point out certain things in the accompanying pictures to keep them interested.

Improves Communication Skills and Vocabulary

Not only will you be spending quality time with your children while you read to them, but it will also benefit the development of useful communication skills as they observe the interactions between characters in the books. You will likely also come across words they aren’t familiar with while reading and this is a great time to explain the word to them, which will improve their vocabulary.

Knowledge is Power

The adage certainly applies here as the more a child reads the more they will learn, and the more they learn the more they will understand. Once they’re old enough to read on their own, it will also provide you with a quiet moment to enjoy your favourite online casino Singapore. As far as possible, try and read educational (non-fiction) books to your children as well so that they can become familiar with concepts and ideas beyond the adventures of their favourite talking animals. They might just discover a subject matter of particular interest to them.

Reduces Stress

Reading typically involves sitting in a quiet corner, with a clear mind, focusing solely on the contents of the page you’re reading. Your mind slows done and you’re typically calm while reading, which is quite similar to mindfulness meditation or pottering around in the garden. This practise of relaxation reduces stress and your child will profit from having acquired this habit, especially as they grow older.

Improves Concentration

As your child’s reading skills and comprehension grows stronger, so will their sense of self-confidence. They will also develop self-discipline by having to focus on a single task, which in-turn increases their attention span and aids in better retention of memories. These skills will continue to benefit your child as they grow older, especially while learning at school.

Helps Build a Close Bond

Not only will snuggling up and reading with your child help you bond over a shared moment of enjoyment and be good medicine, but reading in the larger sense can also be included in activities that you can do together. Go to the bookstore together to select books or sign up with your local library and visit together. The more books surround your child, the more likely they are to find enjoyment in them.

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