Horror: Review of ‘IT Chapter 2’ (2019)

IT Chapter 2 follows on from Andy Muschietti’s 2017 box-office hit IT, which is still based on Stephen King’s popular 1986 terrifying novel of the same name. Before horror-lovers even saw the 2017 remake, there were high hopes for its success and Muschietti delivered far more than we ever could’ve imagined.

Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise went above and beyond what anyone could’ve imagined and metered out terror right from the very beginning. However, the second instalment is not as scary as the first, but somehow it still works and will make you scared to go out at night. Here’s what we think of IT Chapter 2.

Why We Haven’t Quite Reached the Present

While, as the legend foretold, Pennywise returns 27 years later to terrify Derry once more, we haven’t quite reached the present just yet. Playing off in 2016, IT Chapter 2’s primary focus is the Losers’ Club – now all grown up – who are forced to return to their hometown to defeat Pennywise once and for all.

But, why does the film not take place in 2019? Well it all comes down to the original time period. Had the 2nd instalment taken place in 2019, the first would’ve been set in 1992 which would’ve rendered all the brilliant 80s nostalgia of 2017’s IT completely null and void.

Not Traditionally Terrifying

While IT Chapter 2 has received major criticism for not being traditionally scary, upon watching this sequel it becomes clear that it is a far more ambitious movie than your typical horror – much like how online slots Australia are far more ambitious than your typical slots.

While there are the expected jump scares, Pennywise’s antics and creepy criminal intentions are now more familiar to the audience, meaning that the scares have lost some of their intensity. IT Chapter 2 also relies heavily on CGI and Pennywise spends a fair amount of time in other disguises.

Beyond Typical Horror Tropes

However, even though IT Chapter 2 isn’t as scary as the first, it quickly becomes clear that it isn’t meant to be. Now, by trying to reach beyond the typical horror movie tropes, IT Chapter 2 manages to venture strongly into other genres such as drama and comedy and it does so with a deft hand. Amidst a particularly tense moment, one of the Losers’ Club will glibly say something so comical that you’ll find yourself laughing out loud, breaking the tension, but also bringing about a feeling of intense affection for these tortured characters.

Focusing on the Ensemble Cast

The lack of scares in IT Chapter 2 not only allows for a tiptoeing into other genres, but for a focus on its large ensemble cast. Since the narrative takes place almost 3 decades after the original, the sequel is tasked with re-introducing the characters as now-adults, but it does so with such ease that it feels entirely natural.

There is a lot of history to cover and the film carefully exhibits how much the Losers’ Club have changed over the years.

While IT Chapter 2 may not satisfy die-hard horror fans, appreciators of cinematic mastery will love all 2 hours and 50 minutes of it.

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